A couple of ATLS questions


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Ok, so I am setting up a section of road where the track runs along the lenght of the road not crossing it as in a level crossing. I have a couple of questions about it, which Im hoping for some help on please.

1. I am getting a car every so often that jumps the red light, even when the rest of the cars have stopped. Is there a cure for this, or why is it happening?
2. Im using invisble roads for the cars to follow. How can I split the road so that cars can take diverging routes at a set of lights? (ie going straight on or right). The road is not a dual carriage way just one lane in each direction. What I want to achieve is the lane splitting into 2 lanes just before the lights. Is that possible? If so how, or what invisible road should I use?

Ok that was 4 questions not 2. But only 2 subjects.

As I stated in your other post the ATLS demo will show all of that. In the layers tab, you can hide different parts and leave just a single junction set up to view. Sen City splitter is used to split road traffic. As for traffic that has always been the case for the odd car, Trainz is not that perfect.
Thanks Stagechaoch for the help. I will go take a more detailed look at your route. It has been a great help sofar setting things up. As for the issue with cars running the redlight. it seems to be happening an aweful lot as in maybe 1 in 10 cars that should be stopped.