49922 to 61388


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I downloaded this patch and clicked on the appropriate button.

Usual message about

"querying installed Trainz versions, please wait...
This patch file is not applicable to your current installation version."

What is going on? How can this patch NOT be applicable for my version of TS12, when Auran says that it is.
In the patch launch window is the game location the same as where you installed Trainz. Often it seems to point to an older version location.

Use the ... button at the side of the window to locate the folder where TS12 is installed.
Going to ask the obvious, just to be sure:
What is the number that your TS12 has showing in the bottom-right corner of your start-up window?
Few people will actually experience this, because they will probably read where the patch should be installed to, whereas I didn't!

This is all down to me being impatient and not seeing what is actually needed.
You are not alone in having this as the cause, it is probably the most common reason for people being unable to patch their version of Trainz.