2019 DLS Download errors


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Many times when downloading several assets from DLS, some of them will show as not downloaded when the downloads are complete. If I right-click and select "Download" again, I will get a message like "Unable to open CDP file '<path to build folder>/cache/internet/7olfdslu149.cdp' for reading". If I go to that location, the file is there, but if I try to look with CDP Explorer, I will get an error "Index was outside the bounds of the array".

Does this mean that the download did not complete? There are two other really annoying aspects of this. First, no matter what I do, it will not download these assets again unless I do a DBR, and I just finished one over the weekend. Second, even if I could download them again, this always happens TO LARGER ASSETS WHEN NOT USING AN FCT. My FCT just expired, and nothing I downloaded when I had an FCT had this error, so I attribute part of the problem to the throttled downloads and failure to complete larger items. This is not new, they used to fail in T:ANE as well, but I could always right-click and select "Download" again, and then it would just go to "Installing", and install the asset. Something has changed with TS2019 so that it can no longer do this, and I have to DBR and start all over. Can we go back to downloading the same way T:ANE did? Better yet, fix the issue, but at least going back to the way it was I won't have to go through this whole rigamarole every time. I suppose I could download everything to T:ANE and then port it across, but that too is a pain.

EDIT: OK, after closing out and then starting TS2019 again, I can re-download without a DBR. It will take a lot more time and is still not as good as T:ANE was...
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