100 MB Quota Exceeded


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Why am I getting this when I have an active 1st class ticket? I've logged out and back in several times in CM with no luck.

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I just did an EDR last night to resolve some quirky CM issues. So far today so good until I'm getting this error after downloading dependencies for a new route. Why do you ask?
I did three of them yesterday before the EDR without positive results. CM was crashing when editing assets so someone suggested an EDR. Should I try another QDR? This will be five of these things total in the last 48 hours. Can too many corrupt my data?
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How about just playing with your login in CM? Change your username and the DLS/My Trainz will complain about you being an invalid user. Close CM, wait for the database to close (about 2-3 minutes is good), then start CM again and re-enter your username properly. This will force the username/password to sync with the server and hopefully things will straighten out.

I recall Zec saying it was a known problem (after an EDR?) and to just wait for 24 hours and it would resolve itself. Assuming you don't do another repair during that period.
Thanks guys for the all the replies. After a few hours wait the quota limit issue has seemed to correct itself.