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Thread: Trainz Physics-Test

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    Question Trainz Physics-Test

    Ok first of all, I hope this is ok to post here. Second of all, I thank it would have been a good idea to had your staff do a You-Tube to kind of give us a idea of how the test track works and what were looking at. Ive tryed the test a couple times, and looked on You-Tube for a look, but nothing comes up on Traniz 2019 test track, so Im no haveing much luck with the test. When I push the pause it never tells me to unpause, so not sure whats going on there, and Im not sure what Im looking at, so it may be a little over my head without knowing what is going on. Sorry I guess I wasnt much help, still would have been nice to had a little class before hand, but I did try.

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    I saw a few posts on it at Discord channel but not videos there also.

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    Reread the guide. It tells you when to unpause.
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