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    Default What has happened on my partition F

    Hello, I am an old timer still using Windows XP for old games and Trainz 2004 and Classics 1&2. The computer has not been connected to the internet for many years.

    The XP is FAT32, with partitions C: (for the OS),E,F on one hard drive. And H and I on a second hard drive. It has been this way for many years.

    Trouble started when I installed Microsoft's Rise of Nations (from a Retail CD) onto the F partition which had the most free space left on it. (I made a restore point before installing).

    The installer seemed to catch a little during the install, but the game played well, I played a couple of days, but decided I no longer liked to play that kind of game.

    So I ran the uninstaller that came with the game. The uninstaller froze a couple of times, it seemed, at the end of the process. I had to control alt delete to get out of it, but the game was uninstalled.

    It was then I found that the other programs in that partition. Had forgotten how to work. A publisher program seemed not to remember where photos were that I had put into pages. Reinstalling fixed it. Then Classics 1&2 failed to start up. Classics shows the splash screen.I click Start, getting the desktop and the hourglass, and then a Fatal Error Reason: Size, Failed to get file length, No call stack available.

    Well that's a start. When I clicked on the properties of the Local Classics folder on F: it shows 3.67mb and size on disk as 7.54mb. That is correct, megabytes. I know darn well it should be around 7GB. I copied that folder and pasted to a memory stick and it was a very short copy, coming out in megabytes.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob P.
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