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    Download videos to your device quickly with these best video downloaders

    All of us love watching movies, TV shows or funny videos. In addition to watching these videos online, many people even want to download them to their smart devices so they can view favourite movies anywhere anytime without having to connect to the Internet. Understanding that user’s needs, many developers have launched software and applications that allow users to download their desired videos easily. So, if you are looking for a video downloader to fulfill your device, here are the greatest suggestions.

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    Tube Video Downloader

    Tube Video Downloader is one of the most excellent apps to download videos for offline watching. Once you install this app on your Android device, you can download and store any favourite videos in many different formats like FLV, MOV, MP3 and more. Due to some terms of YouTube, this application will not allow you to download videos from YouTube Server. Except for that drawback, you can easily download videos from a lot of different sources or video sharing sites like Facebook and Dailymotion. The app will automatically detect links of videos on the internet, so you do not have to copy and paste links from different websites manually.

    Video Downloader

    A piece of good news for video maniacs is that this app is completely free. Using the app, you can both watch online and save the video once you click the play button on the corresponding website. This app also lets you download videos in the background. It means that even you exit the app, the process of downloading videos is still performed without interruption. You can also manage and organize your downloaded files for quick searching or compress them to save memory space for your devices.

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    Get Them All Any File Downloader

    Get Them All Any File Downloader helps you download a ton of videos, images, and other files from different video sharing websites without any hassles. This app is effective enough to collect and retrieve data from all formats such as PDF, .html, graphics and more. One of the advantages of this app is that it displays all videos and files on the same page where you are looking for your desired content, so all you need to do is search for anything that you want to download.

    BaDoink Video Downloader

    Downloading videos is now easier than ever by installing this application. BaDoink Video Downloader lets you download multiple videos at the same time, which helps you save you a lot of time and money. It also means that there is no limit to the number of videos that can be downloaded using this video downloader. By this way, you can watch your favourite videos as much as you want, most significantly, entirely for free. This downloader also comes with a password lock to prevent others from accessing inappropriate videos and content on your device.

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    There is no shortage of video downloaders available on app stores; however, if you still do not know which app is the best to grab, three apps above are not bad ideas. Depending on your preferences, you can pick up one of them and enjoy your favourite videos. Have fun!
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    There's quite a few on the Playstation
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    Trainz does not support VR, and I don't think it'll happen anytime soon

    NARM's site^

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