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Thread: Snow High Valley Distr Ctr (High Resolution 950x532) Approx

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    Quote Originally Posted by hiawathamr View Post
    Your pictures were amazing! Although I never commended on every single one, I did check whenever I got the notification in my email that you posted something.

    I found that out as well for hostthenpost decided to go down (how long is unknown, but did read somewhere that images are deleted anyway after 30 or some days..)
    Why not check out Imgur? Needs an account of course, but the images won't be deleted unless you delete them
    Thank you hiawathamr for the kind comments,

    I really enjoy posting the pics of my work etc, and hopefully the new folks can learn how to do some other wise difficult projects. And I'm a very visual person, a picture really helps me understand how things work or assemble Etc.

    Sure took the wind out my Sails that's for sure, I setup Google Photo's but it appears it works by Link only, so how would one put the comments per Picture? Makes no sense to me?

    I'll try your suggestion with "Imgur" and see if that works better for my purposes than "Google Photos" as for the 30 day deletion that's fine, I just need them long enough so folks get chance to see the Photos for bit.........That sounds very reasonable to me.

    Have a great weekend sir.......

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    Lightbulb Testing PostImage

    I'm trying to learn how to use this program........Bear with me.........

    Ok I think I got this worked out now after an hour of fooling around with new software and not knowing how the pieces fit, trial error, some cussing sounds, no swear words, I kept it clean.

    Alright, so this Portland Terminal Switching facility, and I made lots of changes to it and the connecting Route Maple Branch (Tidewater) There is much more to show, but that will come in a couple of days.

    Sp here is another picture show the assets I need to drag from 0 feet to 200 Feet elevation.

    Mostly Roads and buildings now, there was a ton of small assets, barrels, Crates, ,machinery to pull up and reposition Etc.

    In here you can see plant Splines, there were several, and I removed all of them, it was causing Frame Loss.

    Building in the bottom, and you have to position your mouse curser directly over it, or otherwise you can't connect to it and pull it up.

    And here we go, building is now reset at 200 feet. Now one thing I noticed, lots of these buildings are not squared in orderly fashion, so I need to straighten them better with Tape Measure later. Just me being picky.....

    OK. These tracks are tricky to get pulled up to new level, you have to start where the track is correct level, at spline, then go to next Spline leading downward and click on it with the preset height of 200 feet in topology height settings tab, that is your key. When you touch the spline it will pop the track upwards, and you continue clicking on the splines till you come to end of this rail, it works, it just takes practice.

    Same thing with all these red walls, you touch each corner with preset height tool tab set at 2oo feet or whatever you want, and these items will come up.

    Here is Wire Frame picture showing how good it looks now after a full 1.5 days of rearranging the items. Yes it is lots of work, but far cry easier than recreating an intense shunting layout like this.

    The highway here was broken in the middle, I couldn't get a good enough angle to get in raised, so I just deleted the offending section and drew a new one over to connect the highway back together. Good as new.

    This shows the broken highway before I fixed it.

    That'll do for now, and Church starts early for tomorrow, time to hit the sack as they say.

    Appreciated the patience as I got these pictures finally up.

    Night now.
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    Lightbulb Fixing the Portland Terminal Maple Branch Merge

    Good Monday.......I'll be back to finish the Notations,,,,,,,,Got Dr appt to run too...

    Thanks for your patience

    Update for 1550 Hr's PST: So I'm back, and here are the things I need to discuss with you all.

    First and most important, I found "POSTIMAGE.ORG" courtesy of Sir Dave Snow, who really keeps on top of things. Thank you sir Dave!

    So what happens is you need to download the Windows App, it's a tiny up-loader Module and it will put a shortcut on your Desktop.

    Next you can edit the individual pictures in POST IMAGE Editor,

    But I prefer plain old simple Paint for Windows. Why, well because I know the program fairly well, and I also know how to batch edit up to 16 Photos at a clip, save them in named directory I made, and then Drag N Drop them right on the the POSTIMAGE Icon on my desk, which will auto upload to that server's site, and voila, I get 6-10 whatever the number of pictures I need and then copy and post the Web link here on the msg I working on.

    So I would recommend you use the Photo Editer you feel comfortable with and then Drag N Drop onto POSTIMAGE desk icon.

    Once you get used to it then it becomes second nature to you. It just took me about 3 times to understand how it worked.

    Alright, so lets get to more fun stuff here. Picture below is Portland Terminal RR Module, that has what Author say's:

    Portland Terminal Railroad is a jointly operated by the BNSF and the UP railroads. It services industries located in Guild's Lake Industrial Park, Portland, Oregon. This route was created from Goggle Maps satellite and street views. If there is was any indication that trackage once existed, it is included in this route. Route includes 99 industry set-out locations which can accommodate anywhere from 1 to 12 freight cars. Era is 1990 - 2010.

    Good night, that is a lot of stops for shunting.........It's a little hard to tell here, but several of the buildings are out of
    square, probably from me raising the height 200 feet, you would be too, if I raised you up all of sudden.....LOL

    Another thing is, I am changing lots of the Roads too, I need to reorient the direction they set too.

    Now in this picture, several of buildings are not lined up properly, what I plan to do, is start at the extreme end of this area, and starting straightening things up, lining them up for my taste, but also we have rounded and square area buildings, so not everything is at 90 to 90 degree respective points. And that is what makes this massive industrial area route unique to others. We literately have Tracks running all over the place at every imaginable angle you can think of, and like I mentioned before, you can get lost in the switch puzzles, oh what fun, don't run out of Diesel and don't speed either, there is huge amount of Semi Trucks and regular traffic going thru the area.

    Just and area shot here showing the many different ways the tracks go here, and the Trees too. I am moving some of the trees too, and patches of Shrub Splines that kill Frame rates. This is a lot of area to render for my GPU, so it has to be made lean where possible.

    In this area, we have lots, and lots of Oil Drums for the manufacturer, we also have Oil Tanks and basic refinery operations too. Notice the large asphalt Road coming in part way here, then it goes to Dirt, well I think I'll change that to just a dirt road off the main highway.

    Here are the plant splines and they are strewn all over, so I will remove them do to performance impacts.

    Another thing I did on this merge, well it was pre merge event setup, What I did, is merge 2 copies of this route together, so I could change the one in elevation etc, and peak at the other one original, on the same route to see how things were supposed to look as I made my changes, then once I had things the way I think I wanted, delete the dupe side of the Route.

    Once that was done, then go about making only the changes I needed before the final Merge with Maple Branch (Tidewater Div)........

    The Red Box here says we have 2 Route Layers names the same, and we need to edit one, just add a 1 or A something simple, and then do the merge operation.

    Here's a perfect example, since I was new to the Route, I needed to find out how these Corn Loaders were setup, it turns out they merely set at 45 degree angle against the open Shed and pull the Grain like a Grain elevator from Rail Hoppers on parallel Track, and you fill Semi Truck Bulk Loader Trucks.

    Here are the 2 routes together temp, while make the height adjustments and other cleanup to the left side one, and the right is just used as a model guide for me.

    Now here is the master Route, Yellow is Maple Branch (Tidewater) Route, Gray Tiles are new connection points to adjust 40 Feet of elevation change. Red is Portland Terminal RR on far right.

    The other 2 grey tiles on top of Tidewater upper left, with Black arrow is for slight extension for Rail Operations.

    A larger close view here you can see how the tracks and river water runs.

    So that's what is going on, lots to redo and tinker with, but I think it will work out ok in the end result, I started running a train late at night to see how my connection points work between the 2 routes and connection Tiles in Gray..........

    Thanks for dropping in folks.
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    Lightbulb Mountain Building Etc for Merge

    Good evening all,

    This post is for tomorrow, I'll be out of town for a day.

    So we are busy working on the Portland Terminal/Tidewater merge additions. Below you can see this route is taking some more normal shape now. Red area is Canyon and Mountain building areas. And it will take a fair amount of work to get the Terrain raised and built up, so we don't see our Route fall off the edges of the Tiles, we fool the eyes. Yes we can use background Drops, but with all the heavy shunting Rails and Industries, we are pushing it, remember the Dark Green or Lime colored outline has 90 industries to shunt, that is a boat load and a half, but I'm busy streamlining and cutting back where I can to make it more efficient as best I can.

    Orange is River building and Canyon work.

    Lime Green Square is the Portland Terminal R.R.

    Look at the green blue River I extended with connecting Tiles, it takes time to raise/lower the areas to make it a smooth transition, I copy the color Texture using the Copy and Paste Texture tool, now remember when I do it, it messes with the Grid heights, and you have to go back and smooth out the areas.

    The trackage you see disconnected on the Right was end of this Tidewater Route, and they would have been used for long Tanker Trains for Oil Refinery behind us, but since we added Portland Terminal , these tracks will be deleted out, they are not needed anymore. You never Know, I might add a small industry later...........

    This is part of the new addition, and I raised the terrain on left, and actually I got the Valley in between peaks look here that I wanted. Now one thing I need to do, is take some of the Pine Trees out, as I have a few too many in some spots, this is because I over blotted the Copy and Past Texture command, so it bunched my Trees up a bit in some spots. It will work out when I go thru and do some pruning. Junk freight is coming out of Tidewater with all empties, well need 100's of empties brought over the Portland Terminal Site once I get the Signals and Switches set up for my Style of Shunting.

    Ok, Now look at the difference here as I have tried to match the colors and heights so it looks more natural, I need to plant more trees and shrubs, we are not finished, and I still need to go back and redo some of texture colors patches, some do not blend together, when you step back and look, what you thought looks ok, and then step back and it doesn't work out sometimes. Here is our first train coming thru, checking Grade %'s, Signals and Switches. We find some issues that need fixing.

    Now in the back corners here, we have some mountains to look at, and they ate not finished. I need to go back and smooth out some areas. And rough out the Trees too, since some parts are actually blank new Tiles I dropped into existing areas..........

    Since Tidewater has old Signals, I used it here for now till I get this Route finished the way I want, then I'll go back and put in Safetrans or something newer, with lots of Gantries as well.

    These are new Signals in a Triple Main to Double Transition, and I have put signals here since we have several miles of new mainline connections between the new Route Merges.

    This little Switcher does a really good job pulling a good string of cars for me.

    Another thing I did, was to get the Track View Rule, You can see it here, gives me a look ahead on Signals and Switch settings.

    Another thing I did on the Portland side, is extend the end the mainline where it stopped in the back, and make it a runaround loop to this track, about 2 miles from where we are now.

    Also added some X Crossovers from Oil Tank areas and some other spots. Now we can bring a huge load of cars over to Portland, and drop sections of the Train off to Loco Hustler Crews to final Shunting Jobs. Remember we have close to 90 Jobs at the Portland area........I have to split them up into defined areas, once I get the Buildings relined up square and whatever else end up changing.

    I might have forgotten to add some more things, I did, but if I did, will catch it in the next posting.

    Thank you for coming by to visit here. Much appreciated folks.....Have a good Weds.
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    Lightbulb Wild Bill, CIM area.....other miscellany stuff

    Good Friday all,

    We have been busy discussing Portland/Tidewater (Maple Branch) all the changes, and ongoing adjustments, Etc, especially with the height difference issues we had. So it is ongoing, and I have a lot of staging the buildings in square with the surrounding area, adjusting the Rails, adding Signal control from Dark Territory which works great for me, but remember lots of smaller Railroads still run Dark Territory's for a variety of reasons, so there is nothing that says you have to have Signals 100%, do what makes you happy.

    So now will switch to Wild Bill for a bit, We are in Larkspur here, dropping off some Boxcar loads for the Town. If you look over to the Right, we have Market Ready Livestock here waiting for the Cattle Trains to arrive. And as you can see we have a good Cattle Commodity business here.

    I know I have reiterated this before, but I need to go through and get and inventory for all my Routes and see what Industries I carry, and what I need to add without over saturating the Route with to much, or not enough of a particular Commodity, unless you want just a few commodities for your Route, making it dedicated such as Coal Routes or Steel Routes, Etc.

    We dropped off our Box Cars are fueled up ready to head North.

    Never leave your Cow Boys high and Dry, they might have a quick fall.....Ouch, OK, now for the REAL STORY, I moved the Stage Coach late at night, and didn't see I left these poor guys hanging out......I actually did it from a pretty far distance and didn't see what I had done a few days later. Yes I am ashamed of myself and I put myself on self directed Time Out.

    Caught a bit of Water, and we are cruising now to check some more of the Route out, and there's lot to see.....Haven't seen but 15% of the Route.

    I really like the water color on this route against the Texture Color.......Need to cut a few trees here (right Side) and thin it out a little bit for Frame Relief, other than that, we are good to go..

    Crossing the Creek on newly installed Trestle Bridge, so far so good, the trees in this section are very nicely laid out........

    We head across the River and continue our Voyage to the North....We are headed into Indian Country, and there is friendly Trading with them.......

    The river has widened quite a bit here, as you can see the Trestle is triple the length of the earlier one.

    Farmers CO-OP Grainery here, some wagon Trains stopped for the day, probably going to need to supply up, before they continue on. We have a Passenger and Freight Station just around the curve. And I believe a Coal Mine operation too, with dedicated Tracks service, so there is just the right amount of Industry to keep the Railroad busy.

    And here we are will slow to a stop and check in with the Station Master to see if any new Train Orders, or Work Blocks are ahead of us, 5 Mins and we should be back on our way.

    And that'll do it for us today........

    Have a great weekend all and thanks for dropping by.

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    Lightbulb Silver Star Mine on the Aussie Merge

    A blessed Sunday to all, and good morning,

    So what's been going on, well, I have been working on Maple Branch (Tidewater Div)-Portland Terminal merge, and this last week I added an additional Route Fort William-Malliag Route (Scottish) to the mix here, below are some links that discuss this particular route which is very mountainous in design.



    Now since it is a good size Route with plenty of Lakes, I cut it back by 2/3's to fit in with my other pieces, and of course we have 150 feet height difference so I'll need to perform some surgery for blending. The good thing is, on the Tidewater edge where the 2 meet for the first time, it also has mountains edges, so it won't be too bad on the adjustments, and there is virtually just single Rail in that area, I didn't plan it that way, but I sure like it! You'll get to see the pictures soon.

    Now to the Current Pictures below, this is one of my very large merged Routes, I just call it the Aussie Merge, because two of the Routes first merged where Australian, One was Outback and the other was Wadalbvale to Karrah Bay. Here we running Silver Star Iron mining cars and Mining Module (payware) works perfect and I like it.

    This area's trackage is being redone around here. That Stipple on the right is not the Silver Star Iron, it behind the Trees on other side.

    I threw in this Bridge and we are testing it for clearance and appearance. I think it will work just fine here. By the way, this is the only Commodity I have that is this color, it came with Silver Iron Module, if I recall, it Iron Ore.......definitely can't miss it.

    Looks like I have the signals all torn up here, memory serves me correct, the tracks were forced into tight merge for Road Crossing, and what I did was separate them out, and redo the River Rail Crossing Bridges to open the access area up and smooth out the kinks the rail had at certain points.

    In doing this re arrangement, I had to realign all the passenger stations, Roads, Building, whole kit and caboodle! Just takes time and some imagination Folks. IF your not happy with something, then it I think it's worth the time to make it better. I can tell you from experience when you get your Roads, Buildings, and Trackage to flow together, you find out when your running the Trains, it just Flows, and it feels right, that to me is the essence, when you run your route. Prototypical ? Oh heck no, I would drive myself nuts. I just do the best I can, even if takes several times to fix........You have to decide what you want out of your Route and implement the changes your looking for.

    Signals are working spot on, grade% great, and clearance is good..........We have lots of converging tracks all over this route, later on, once I get the cosmetic changes finished, I plan on going back and looking at the Track plans and seeing what Trackage I can streamline here and there.

    Below is the Rail Schematic and the above picture we are in the large WYE are, lower right portion to the right of the Engine house.

    This is a new Engine Shed and Turntable installed with some Car repair houses. I do want add some weeds and small grass later on, but before that, major Track realignments all over the area as I go thru each route and adjust to my needs.

    I f you look over the water area here, I had major issues with Shrubs and water height. When you look at them from ground view they don't lay right on the Water, so I have been cutting them back a lot, and adding Reeds and water Flowers for a better effect. Nothing wrong with the way it was done originally, I just didn't care for the way it appeared when it hung over the River. Part of the issue may be the steepness of the dirt banks, and way this Shrub is designed.

    You can see what happens to Roads when you relay the Tracks in......I had to redo the Tunnel length and height to accommodate some Track changes on the other side where it exits. I really like the seasonal colors of the Trees used here too.

    Well that'll do it for now, we might have some Rain coming this week, so it's time to go do some yard work.......

    Have a great week ahead. Thank you for coming by everyone.

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    Lightbulb Tidewater, Sap Yard Module and Seaport/Industrial Routes

    Good Tuesday all,

    Well I have been busy with Tidewater-Portland Terminal Merge Route, and then I saw this SAP Yard Module, and a related route, Seaport Industrial, you know what happens next, like a kids in a Candy Store, I'll take one these, one of that, oh some of that too......LOL.......These are very cool Routes, and the Sap Yard Module by Msgsapper is terrific, you can pop it into your existing Routes wherever you need nice Route Module.........

    Here is the Yard Module below, has everything you need for a nice yard setup. What more could you ask for, it is both TS-12 and T:ANE compliant.

    Author's Notes:SAP Yard Merge Module. This is a medium sized fully detailed rail yard on four baseboards. Most new route developers often get hung up on yards as they can be rather complex. This merge module will give you a ready-made yard for your own route creations. I have set this yard merge module for the late steam to early diesel era of the 1950-1960 period in the United States or Canada, although you can certainly change that if desired. The ground textures and trees used in this module are seasonal. There are no Speed Trees. This merge module is 100% compatible with either TRS2012 or T:ANE. All content used in this merge module is either on the DLS or built into TRS2012 or T:ANE. Thank you to the many third party creators who make routes like this one possible. Minimum requirements are TRS2012 SP1 or T:ANE with all hot fixes applied. To provide comments and feedback on this merge module, visit the MSGSapper Merge Modules Support Thread on the Auran Forums at: http://forums.auran.com/trainz/showt...Support-Thread

    Here is the updated Sea Port/Industrial and look where the Yard Module is. perfect setup, the Seaport is on the bottom right corner and there is condensed Yard for the shipping there too. With team tracks to the Shipping Dock for enter-modal and Coal Service both........ Really nice remake of the original Sea Port/Industrial Route.

    Here is link to read about this Route......


    "This is a fictional route supporting a Staging Yard at a Sea Port. It also contains the “SAP Yard Merge Module” by msgsapper."

    This is an updated fictional route supporting a Staging Yard at a Sea Port. It also contains the “SAP Yard Merge Module” by msgsapper.
    This has a completely automated session. It has 53 Industries, 67 consists and 40 different products. 36 AI drivers run the trains keeping the ship yard running while others keep the supporting industries going. You need to watch and make sure there are no bottle necks and that things keep running smoothly. This session uses ASB Crossover Controller for crossings, Resource Verify Rule (Fixed) and ATLS Controller for crossing road traffic. Thank you to all who contributed to this effort. It uses just about everything you can think off. All types of industry loading and unloading, portals making new trains when needed, transferring products from one industry to another and more. The clocks at the stations show the running time. Following are some pictures of the route. I know from other posts that that is one of the things people like to see to know if they want to try it. I am running a few tests to make sure things are working to their best. It should be released soon.

    Red light controlled intersection.

    Over at Tidewater Merge we have Tri Signal setup up here to help Traffic a little better, as it hits the Yard area and additional Service Spurs.

    We slowed to a Stop, as this our Ambulance Company that services the area, he called us and let us know he was transporting an injured party to the local hospital, we are only moving at 5MPH and brought our train to stop, so he get the injured worker to the Hospital, what Hospital, I don't even know where we have one, I think there needs to be one for this area to handle industrial injuries etc.........Hmmm,. More work to do....My job is never finished.

    He is clear, as we continue on with our Junk Train Empties to Shunt. I'm also checking Track Curves and Signal indications. Need to replace a ton of Switch levers too. Since most of the module is numbered in order, I can't do Bulk Replace, as it will mess up the number arrangement thgat was setup.....>That's OK I have patience to handle the manual replacement.

    Here is a high view of where we are now, see the nice turnaround loop here in middle of picture. And a perfect size yard here for sorting of loads to delivery destinations. This Terminal has to be one of the most interesting Routes I have seen.....If you like shunting and tight clearances, then this is one to check out. A lot of work was put into this Route by the Author!

    Another Train Worker is headed to throw switches for the Trains in Terminal area........You see our Junk Train here.........And don't blink, I happened to snag a working Steam Shovel in the consist.....He is being sold to Private Owner/Collector, we are just being paid to move to his land, which has Rail Spur. Little money for the Railroad. What an Iconic piece of equipment to own.. I think he is Gravel Pit owner too. And just likes to fun with old time machinery. Nothing wrong with that.

    Dropped a Dam here to control as break point for the 2 different water heights, was touchy, and with some concrete sidewalks was able to cover the 1 tile of Water left blank to keep the 2 waters heights separate. Otherwise you know what happens. I need to redo the hillside on the right, and add some plants. Etc..........Also there are lots of spurs like this one, I need to reorient the angle and approaches that change up as I go thru and line up the buildings etc......You see the Fence is out of wack too, some of the fences I removed for now, till get things changed up, then will see what happens.

    Yup, this area is torn up, WIP for sure. It takes some time to get things, realigned, I also want to put some more Oil Refinery pieces, like Drilling Rigs and Oil Jacks where I can. Just rearranging some furniture.

    I dropped in a total Runaround mainline to make better access on the back side of this terminal Route

    That'll do for now,

    Thank you for dropping by............
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    Lightbulb Trip on Wild Bill & Sea Port Routes

    Good Day all,

    We are going to talk about 2 different Routes,

    Starting with Wild Bill, we continue on our exploration, this is our first Mine coming north, we did have a Mining operation in the desert portion of our layout.

    This also begins our Indian Country area too.

    And here are the Tee Pee's coming up,,,,,,We do lots of Trading with the Indians.

    We wave as we go buy here.

    Very beautiful area here.

    Our siding comes into play here, but there are no incoming trains for now.......Signals appear to be operating OK.

    Headed back up a gradual Grade new to see what lies ahead.......Very scenic as we look down into the Valley.

    Oh Wow, the River Crossings are getting larger here, but Tranquil since the Weather is OK for now, wait 5 mins and that can really change in Snow Country.

    We switch over to Sea Port Industrial Route here, and Get to drive Mag Train, on Mag special made track! Woo Hoo! As you can see I'm running my Track View Rule which comes in handy as great look ahead for new territory.

    Author's Notes:

    This rule displays an additional head-up display in Driver showing the next switches, signals, speed signs, trackmarks and industries as well as other trains on the track. Switches in front of the train can be toggled. The camera can be set on other trains and industries by clicking on the symbols. In Surveyor, the display can be configured in various ways. As interface languages both english and german are supported.

    Very cool looking futuristic Train Station too.

    Oh,.....The black Tabular Menu in top center is ExTranz Manager SP-2 Module, and it works awesome for showing everything in the Route, I just need to learn more about how it works, please try it out too......I like it a lot not so much for the trains, but for the Commodities n Industries.........saves lots of going back and forth to get a read on what you have.

    Author's Note:

    ExTranz Manager - TANE SP2 is a tool to help manage your entire route/session industries.
    Created by Ethan Bertsch and modified by trev999 for Lewiscc65. The rule is aimed at multi-player users but can also be used in a single-player game.
    Version date: 2017-12-19. Includes:
    -- Consist Management -- Industry Management -- Product Management -- User-managed industry exclusion list: It is sometimes convenient to exclude certain industries or classes of industry from the display. Edit the rule. A preset list of excluded industry classes is presented. Delete any entries not required. Added entries appear at the top of the list.
    IMPORTANT: Items added may be localized names or the class names of generic industry assets as seen in the industry config file against the class tag. When viewing the industry list the class name can be seen by hovering the mouse cursor over the blue 'view' link.
    A link: 'Industry name begins with:' controls which type of exclusion to apply. Partial names are accepted.
    KNOWN ISSUES: * Industries based on LARS scripts are not compatible with this rule and do not work well. * The Rolling Stock window may not be populated if a user has installed a large variety of train cars into their game. Recommended setting of 'View Rolling Stock in Driver Mode' for multi-player sessions is 'No'.
    * If windows are left open when switching from Surveyor to Driver mode using Quick Drive, some exceptions may be observed and can be ignored.
    * Maps and sessions that contain 'ghost' consists or industries cause a delay when filling the windows.
    DIAGNOSTICS: Setting this link to 'On' causes extra information to be printed to the Developer Log file concerning which industries are excluded. The class name of excluded industries is also displayed in parentheses in the log. When a Multi-player session is uploaded to the DLS please make sure that diagnostic mode is set to 'Off'.
    In DRIVER MODE: 'Show Waybills' button brings up the Waybills window which covers the main menu buttons. If the Waybills window is dra

    Here is the Port Area of this route, very, very busy connection with 8 tracks that I can think of coming in to load/unload the Ships. Very well laid out by the Author, but this Route is too heavy for my Laptop to use, as properly warned ahead by the Author in his Asset Notes, so I will not be keeping this Route, in Addition AI locks up with the Route Tracks going out of the Dock for some reason, and that is already documented, some Players haven't experienced the problem too. But I do suggest trying out this Route, it some phenomenal work done by the author in several different ways.....His Airport setup is really Cool, Maglev Train runs at 120 MPH,,,,,,Flying for sure if it didn't stay on the Maglev Trackage.......

    Here is the Author's map and how he added the SAP Yard Module into the Route,,,,,,

    That'll do for today........
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    Talking Rogue PHL Locomotive seen on Union Pacific this week?

    Evening all,

    I forgot to post this a couple of days ago, was out and about, and couldn't belief my eyes when I saw this little fella working with a Gen Set on City of Industry Shunting some chemical cars out for return......Never seen this type of configuration, but on closure inspection it looks like a Pacific Harbor Lines, (short line RR)........It could be this is a test model?


    The link above will give you better information on PHL a large Short Line that does tremendous Job for the Class 1's in Los Angeles Harbor and surrounding areas......

    City of Industry, California

    Here is a better looks, I had a tough time getting my Cell Phone high enough to snag a picture.........


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    Lightbulb Wyandette Transfer meets Tidwater (Merged) & Watseka & Kankakee Railroad join in.

    Good Saturday all,

    Hope everyone had a good week, and got to see some of the Olympics this week Etc. Amazing Sports for sure.

    Alright, so I have been looking at some of smaller Routes I downloaded in the last month, thought where might I add these into some of the Routes I merged where they wouldn't be to large for my Laptop to handle.

    The latest one is Wyandette Transfer......Small and compact so I added onto Portland Terminal end of the Route, but on the left side of Tidewater Main Lines, and added two new Tiles, because you know our little friend, ELEVATION, came into the picture with about 50 feet lower on the 178" to 230" approx. Been there! Done that!

    Again if you want it to happen, then make a way for it to work, with that said, it doesn't guarantee it will, and there have been times when I merged something, textured it out, tracks glued together, and then after running trains, or taking a second look, I'm just fooling myself, this does not gel or resonate with me,

    We cut it out and move on.

    Feeling bad, well, yes and no, mixed feelings for sure! if I didn't try it out, then I would have said, should have, could have, why didn't I.........At least I know I did put forth the effort. In fact I was fooling around with a Route a week ago, not mine, and it had several areas where texture was way to dark for liking, but also the Terrain just didn't work for me either. I worked on it for a few nights, and on the third night, I took a second hard look, decided, it is going to take way too many changes to make it the way I think it should look for my tastes. Just not worth it........For the record there was nothing wrong with this persons route, I just couldn't get into the style and Colors used. The other factor here, I have plenty, more than enough cool routes to play with, so I deleted the Route and one other smaller route off my Game..........

    OK so with elevation issue, by adding the new Tiles, making a gradual winding new main line connection, we keep the Gradient % at 1.2 to 3% max. Add some hills, a Tunnel, and redo the large River in Tidewater side, and it looks really nice. I don't have the pictures yet, but will post later so you can see what I did.

    Maple Branch(Tidewater Division)+Portland Terminal now adding Wyandette Transfer Railroad:

    Once a stand alone industrial railroad located in Wyandotte, Michigan this railroad is serviced now by Conrail Shared Assets (NS or CSX). The BASF Plant in Wyandotte produces many automotive related products. Lots of chemicals in and out as well as auto dashboards, polyurethane parts, sound and shock adsorbing materials. This was once service by the DT&SL (later Grand Trunk Western) and Michigan Central (NYC) before the PC and Conrail eras. It is now serviced by weekly and sometimes daily trains that interchange on the 'ditch track' after which local plant switchers take over. There are two SW type switchers that work the BASF Plant.

    Below here is Tidewater to Portland Terminal on new main line......I built more Mountains than were here originally, but more work is needed, so this is WIP.

    We using a Monolith Switcher to test out the new runaround tracks, we are slowing down here, since some cars parked right on the new Track, (actually I placed them there before the Tracks came in).......

    Looking from the backside, here, we run around the new track, and you can really see how large this manufacturing (Portland Terminal) really is. Recall this area on Green Texture was full of Trees, it will get Trees back, but sparingly otherwise Frame rates for me will suffer greatly. It's a balancing act for sure with my lame GPU.......

    These tracks had to repositioned, now clearance and overhang will be within normal tolerance for Trains.

    Just showing how I do some of re positioning buildings in concurrence with Doors and Boxcar alignment by using Ruler below, to get everything in alignment. Most of this area will need realignment, mostly due to having to raise this whole area up 200 feet higher...........Cost of doing merging biz, and I'm OK with it.

    OK, I wanted to see what this Route was all about, it's good size, and has some very large Car Yards for sorting.

    Watseka & Kankakee Railroad:

    The Watseka & Kankakee Railroad is a fictional granger division road of a Class I railroad set in America's prairie heartland with 20 miles of East-West single track and 43 miles of North-South double track and a fully functional classification hump yard based on the UP's Livonia yard at the junction. AMTRAK also uses this route and runs passenger trains on it twice daily. Contains 274 baseboards and uses the LARS BI2 industry track system. Among the various industries are an open pit coal mine, auto assembly plant, several grain storage facilities, a small refinery, and a power plant just to name a few. This layout is a greatly updated and enhanced version of the original December 2004 layout of the same name by George Fisher (AKA gfisher) and with his permission. My thanks to the original author for allowing me to do this! Lots of scenery and attention to detail so this layout will require a computer with very good graphics handling capability. Thank you to the many third party creators who make routes like this one possible. Setting is 1980s or later. This is a multi-seasonal layout. Uses procedural track with animated junctions. There are no SpeedTrees. Minimum requirements are T:ANE with all hot fixes applied. To provide comments and feedback on the layout, visit the Watseka & Kankakee Railroad official support thread on the Auran Forums at: http://forums.auran.com/trainz/showt...support-thread

    Here is one of the largest Rail Yards in this route, and I don't know if I can use this Yard with my laptop, will see? Track work is excellent.

    Visual picture of same yard. Take a look at how nice the Rails are aligned, kudos to the Author of this route. Lot of Quality work here.........Nothing is crowded together, it is all laid out with means and purpose, when you build your routes, and it has happened to me several times, you do not allow enough work space, and later when you try to crunch things in, then it gets interesting, or lets say the difficulty factor goes up, to sometimes impossible to do what you want to accomplish.

    I really like this compact Refinery here too. Looks like some old SP Short Hoods, I think, are switching tankers out here.

    Here is another key element in designs that work, Follow the River on right, can you see where it ends, are the trees too dense, nope, and this part of the Route, the Tiles are only 2 wide. for me, I don't like to see rivers drop off into oblivion, it loses the reality effect on your route, that's just my opinion, so with this view, it is wondering and magical qualities for the viewer as you operated your trains.

    Alright, I think we covered enough here for today.......

    Thanks for dropping in my friends.
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    Default Wild Bill Route comes in several Flavors

    Good Monday Morning all,

    While looking for some Wild Flowers, I found out to my surprise that, that Wild Bill had several Routes in different Sizes, that you can put together any way you like, or as he has detailed on his instructions.. And I really like his Narrow Gauge work, so I thought I would Post the different ones here to see and read about.

    Wild Bill "Basic"

    This route is based on John D'Angelos very fine Black Canyon Narrow gauge route. It is a fictional run through the Colorado Rockies. Mostly an end-to-end route, with facilities for turning at each end, but you can also add other modules (when I get them made) at various points in the route. Each module is/will be fully functional in itself. I have left out any rolling stock so that you can add what you wish - I highly recommend the D&RG 2-6-0's by Elvenor.

    Wild Bill "EAST"

    This route attaches to the layout Wild Bill BASIC at the 'East' marker east of Como. It extends the line to Anton, where the narrowgauge meets the standard gauge line.

    Wild Bill "II"

    This route is a complete version of Wild Bill + each of the four directional modules. It is a fictional run through the Colorado Rockies. Mostly an end-to-end route, with facilities for turning at each end. I have left out any rolling stock so that you can add what you wish - I highly recommend the D&RG 2-6-0's by Elvenor. The Invisible track running through the countryside will take Elvenor's Horse & Rider as well as stagecoaches and such.

    Wild Bill "III SP2"

    This route is based on John D'Angelos very fine Black Canyon Narrow gauge route. It is a fictional run through the Colorado Rockies. Mostly an end-to-end route, with facilities for turning at each end, but you can also add other modules (when I get them made) at various points in the route. Each module is/will be fully functional in itself. I have left out any rolling stock so that you can add what you wish - I highly recommend the D&RG 2-6-0's by Elvenor.

    Wild Bill "North"

    This route is based on John D'Angelos very fine Black Canyon Narrow gauge route. It is a fictional run through the Colorado Rockies. Mostly an end-to-end route, with facilities for turning at each end, but you can also add other modules (when I get them made) at various points in the route. Each module is/will be fully functional in itself. I have left out any rolling stock so that you can add what you wish - I highly recommend the D&RG 2-6-0's by Elvenor.

    Wild Bill "South"

    This route also attaches to Wild Bill BASIC, but requires a bit of adjusting to fit it in. Please see the flashing Information button below on the screenshot. There are two iPortals for Standard Gauge runs and a continuation of the NG run from Wild Bill BASIC at the South Extension

    Wild Bill "West"

    This route attaches to the 'West' part of the Wild Bill BASIC route. It simply extends the line West towards Dry Lake. Be sure to take a lot of pictures as the train goes over the Continental Divide at Big Loop.
    ================================================== ====
    Wild Bill Basic starts below.

    Wild Bill East

    Wild Bill II

    Wild Bill SP2

    Wild Bill North

    Wild Bill South

    Wild Bil West

    Good Night all,

    Thanks for coming by.
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    Talking Watseka & Kankakee Route Inspection

    Good Tuesday all,

    Playing on the the newly loaded Watseka & Kankakee Route, I checked around to see if there were any Trains, and we had one, seen here a Truck Mobile unit on spur, used for switching cars in industries where a small Switch Engine is not available due to cost factors or other issues.

    Now will take a run down the main line and see what we fine. Initially, it looks like this Route is very well signaled for multiple trains and lots of action.

    We have a large Rail Yard on the inner circle, so I elected to just run a small Junk train to see how Signals and Switch setups work, have already run into a Crossing Gate issue with Track Triggers either not set, or missing.

    Using my DVR(DragonHof Valley RR) switchers which are geared perfectly for pulling good loads for me. Running some empty Gons and other assorted cars.

    Tracks are very well laid out, nice curves and everything is properly lined up, straight as an error. Also not too many trees planted either, so my frame rates suffer an minimum amount.

    Switching Tower ahead has set the Switches for us, lights are Green, and will put our consist together and head out.

    We grabbed some high pressure Gas Tankers too.

    Overhead picture as we head out the yard bypass Tracks. you look over to the right, the 10 Track Main Sort Yard is visible from here.

    Will stop for a second and get our Orders for the trip. We are told there is SP SD40 Triple header, loading up a Hot Auto Train in the Plant Yard several miles up the line from us now,

    He's scheduled to come out within the next hour against us on the other Main Line, so we need to make sure our Switching moves clear his Main....

    He has brand new Autos on premium time promised to West Coast Auto Dealers. The RR will lose lots of money if this Auto Train doesn't make it in 2.5 days...........Don't even want to meet with Director of Yard Operations, if we botch up the moves and Signals clearance needed to get him past us.

    Auto Factory is doing 2nd and 3rd shifts for inventory orders all over the US and other places in the world, so will have more Auto Trains coming out......We have the Crews and Trackage to handle it!

    We have been warned by our Conductor today, as we have 3 man crew with Brakeman working with us today. Yes you guessed it, I'm the Engineer.

    Got our orders, now we need to get to next industry, we have Greens all ahead for us......Peddle Down, hit the Dirt Running........High Ball!!!!

    Lights are on and somebody is definitely home on fall alert.

    Notch 4-5 , as we hit double crossovers here. Will use a set further up.........Speed on this Main Line is 60-70 MPH, and I did find that Auto Plant speed needs some reduction for Curves head into the Team Tracks.

    And here is our first stop, will break the train for min, and drop off Tanker, Flat and Boxcar for this industry...

    Unfortunately later on,

    What we find out, the crossing on the Spur, is not working correctly, it comes down, and stays down with cars left on the spur, I think Triggers might be missing on 3rd track........

    Will see this in the next set of pictures.........

    I like this Route a lot, it has lots of possibilities..........I have much to see here........

    Night all and thanks for visiting....
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    Nice work blue! Been a while since I stopped by, certainly does look like you've been busy! Hope you've been doing well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern1581 View Post
    Nice work blue! Been a while since I stopped by, certainly does look like you've been busy! Hope you've been doing well?
    Welcome Southern1581,

    Top of the morning to you too Sir, after my Dad passing about 3 yrs ago, we finally got the last of Estate Squared away, sold his house to a very nice person, definitely not a sellers market. And the sad thing was one of Companies we used to fix an Inspection requirement, tried to SCAM on needed repairs, but where caught Red Handed by the Buyer. At least there are still some good and honest people out there.

    As for me, doing pretty good.....

    Sorry I have to run with Mr's Blue,,,,,,,I write more later today,,,,,,,Got an Appointment this morning........

    Back, I had a meeting I needed to attend tonight.....So anyway, doing pretty good overall, just some issues with one of my Knees, Kneecap moves around from a fall I suffered years ago along with some arthritis that sets in some days.......Strained the tendons pretty bad, so someday, I probably need to have so corrective surgery to fix the bands.

    Take care of yourself,,,,,Hope your enjoying the time with NARM like the NARM Sign you made for your signature too. Artistic Talent really shows, just like the phenomenal Assets you make!!!
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