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Updated Coach car Patch #1 released and new looks on cab

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Well guys, just so you know, for those whom have before downloaded the first-release Metrolink Coaches, I have a patch released on the DLS (by right click to download on the highlighted content).

This includes:
  • Updated Thumnail
  • Added additional metadata

It has released today (and uploaded a day ago) so it is best to download the coaches right now. Link is here: https://www.auran.com/TRS2004/DLS_vi...AssetID=243957

In the meantime.....

As I was in the temple, hanging out with my lovely Rei Hino, and the Sailor Scouts (part of my family now), I was on both my iPhone, iPad, even my PC labtop, and I was looking at the cab, and forgot to tell you that I have the snowplow completed:

well.....even with the shadow didn't covered it, but I think, looks pretty good. and in my setting, for the interior, I want to add a little of the 2 outside attachments to give a little 'pop' to:

"Look Ma, No hands"

Still good. Now, ether tomorrow or this weekend, I will release a trailer along with the preview of the Cab ride of the Hyundai-Rotem cars. The Cab Car will be released this fall, but I will also work on a paint kit (for those whom want these Hyundai-Rotems on your own railway with your own paint scheme to match your railroads' colors). And I was also thinking, that since I'm starting to become good at making rolling stock (and making cab cars as well), I was thinking of doing another Cab & Coach car for another railroad (that no Trainzer was able to make even by reskinning) like the LIRR Kawasaki C3 Cars. And one thing I ask for model making, Is it possible to make the holes by adding alpha channels to TGA? 'cause I think when I do boolean in blender, it's a pain, waste of time.

and hope this is good

From the Cherry Hill Temple,
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