YouTube (off topic)


UK railfan
I have recently realised that I have too many train videos stored on my computer, so I have decided to put them on YouTube! My account is CH.SteamVideos (couldn't think of a better name), and I will be mainly posting real-life train footage from all around England (possibly a bit from Wales, mainly from Kent, Peterborough and the GCR). I might also do the odd Trainz video once i have figured out how to get sound recorded on my computer.


P.S: I'm just saying this, you don't have to go and have a look!
I should probably now say that I was planning on doing YouTube at some point anyway, so my computer lacking space wasn't a huge factor in the decision. But, I think I probably will get an external hard drive, because the Mac's memory isn't gonna change any time soon and my collection of games is ever increasing!

You won't save any memory by putting stuff on an external drive or on the cloud. What you will save is hard drive space which can be used to store more important things.. There are two very distinct storage mediums on a computer. Memory is referred to as the non-permanent storage, or should be since this is the proper term for RAM or Random Access Memory. Hard drives and their kin, i.e. SSDs, thumb drives, even the cloud, which is nothing more than someone else's storage on another server are permanent storage.

The difference is when you turn your computer off... Stuff stored in RAM will go away while stuff you save to the permanent storage will be there when you start up again. If you want permanent RAM you can use a ROM or EPROM.