Wot the..? Phil Skene, please explain yourself!


Sphenodon Punctatus
Industrial sabotage has reached new heights (lows?) or aliens have installed a matter transference device...

Here is Private Parts Co siding on the Riverside Railroad Co 1a layout with 4 VLX vans and 2 SAR FBX flats in varying stages of undress. But was has happened?

This is how they look as soon as Surveyor loads the map.

Well we are in Surveyor so I can just use the rolling stock movement button and reposition them how they are meant to be. Save, exit and reload...

Hmmm... Something not quite right here. Okay lets open a later session where the flats have been unloaded.

This is not good this is not right, my two flatcars are out of sight... Once again move them where I want them thusly...

Lookin' good skipper, lookin' good. Save and exit, go to Driver and load it and...

Oh dear. Someone please tell The Doctor that The Master is up to mischief again. Maybe The Master has regenerated himself as Phil Skene!:hehe:

Okay, would some Trainz Rocket Scientist please tell me what the heck is going on here?

And have any of you brave souls who have downloaded my Mike Nine sessions noticed this problem too?


Hey Nix --

Must get the Tardis out to investigate this further.

But why have you been so fortunate that this is the first time it's happened to you ?~!

I've seen it a few times as I've been setting up sessions.

I don't know the reason, but it's obviously related to rolling stock and interactive industry track.

I find setting up the rolling stock on a plain section of track and then moving it back to the desired position usually works.

Actually Phil, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the session worked. As soon as I latched onto the VLXs and reversed the FBXs suddenly appeared correctly coupled on at the end. Everything worked perfectly, it just looked bizarre and of course my lovely creative attention to detail (the FBXs being gradually unloaded) was completely lost!

If you've had this issue with sessions try playing through the session and see what happens; it may actually work.

But thanks for the tip - I'll try that next time.


Hi Nix
I just dlled your latest, Meat n Greet.
I think the Master has been around again, there are no instructions or maps in the folder.

sorrreeeee :'(

Yes thank you Roy, I'm also aware it's on the DLS with the incorrect kuid.

Too many late nights methinks... :hehe:

Correction on its way.


I hope not, The whole end of the universe thing was bad enough.


dont know if the Doctor will be of much help, last I saw him he and Susan were getting ready to catch a train!
Yes, very good. LOL! :hehe:

Roy I've asked Auran to remove the present Meat 'n' Greet session kuid[FONT=Verdana, Arial]:187535:303057 from the DLS and it will be replaced in a day or so with kuid2:[/FONT][FONT=Verdana, Arial]187535:303020:1 which should have all the maps and docs in it.[/FONT]


Hi Nix
I kinda wondered why the numbering had slipped out of sequence.

I'll delete this one and look out for the new one.

Hi Nix
I just dlled your latest 4 sessions.
I really enjoyed Yard Broom, nice bit of brain exercise there, I managed it in 2hrs 37 mins but, knowing where I went wrong I could probably shave 15 mins off that if I did it again.

I haven't run the others yet but I looked round them and I get the same as you regarding the rolling stock telescoping in the Private Parts yard.

I hooked the loco up and gradually pulled away and they all came sliding away from each other. really weird:hehe:

It certainly seems like a busy Monday.:D

Glad you enjoyed the shunt job. You'll find Afternoon Delight, Late Night Chores and (eventually) Tuesday - Early Bird are similar. Because the sessions are sequential I need to exercise a certain amount of control over wagon placement and train make up but there is considerable freedom and autonomy in planning and choosing the order of jobs (very much like the real thing as I remember).

The other thing I'm trying out in the cause of realism is to make slightly less use of industry enabled track. Mostly we would leave wagons in an industry siding and they would be loaded/unloaded by the industry at their convenience. It was much less common for us to wait while wagons were loaded or unloaded. This means you'll leave a wagon somewhere and when you run the next session you'll find it has been loaded/unloaded. Much more like how it was done. The two FBX of woolbales in Private Parts siding actually unload gradually - in each subsequent session there are less woolbales until they are empty and you clear them out. It's just unfortunate that the wagons have elided and you can't see it! Check out the Riverside siding and you'll see what I mean.

I've also thrown in a few other "realism" tricks but it's more fun if you find them out... :hehe:


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