Who to talk to about buying commission repaint of the freeware camelback 0-6-0?

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I need to ask a question about who to talk to about buying commission repaint of the freeware Reading camelback 0-6-0.
Which, yes, is available in undecorated, but with my health the mess it is, the better thing is to pay someone knowledgeable and able to do it.

Just emailed the contact email address and got,
Thanks for contacting Jointed Rail Support. Our support system has changed, it's no longer an email based system. In order to process your support request please open a ticket on our website by clicking the link below.

But the website ticket thing says,
Support Center
Support is for payware products only. Please do NOT open a ticket for freeware items. Freeware is supported via the forums which can be found by clicking here.

Since my question blends the two conditions, I'm not sure what exactly to do.

Anyway, here's what the content of my email was,
Hey Y'all;

Am looking at your FAQ about commissioning custom skins, and assuming we on Social Security disability at a rate of eleven dollars a month below the poverty level actually get some of that stimulus money, I'm going to go ahead and inquire about a repaint of the Reading camelback 0-6-0.

The color scheme is based on freelance road HO models I used to have, blended with a stock Baldwin, I think, livery from late 1800s/early 1900s.

Overall, including frame, domes, wheels, wheels - olive green, perhaps with a hint of forest green.

Boiler jacket, firebox jacket, & cylinder jacket (but not cylinder heads or valve boxes) - metallic grey

Smokebox & stack - flat black/charcoal grey

Rods and valve motion - silver

Bell and safety valves - brass/gold as currently are

Cab roof & tender deck and coal bunker - dark oxide red

Cab window frames - tan/natural wood hue

Lettering - railroad Roman font but I've not decided on color, could be dulux gold or aluminum.

Probably initials of roadname is all that will fit on tender, MF&SJR for Mount Fresco and St. James River Railway

Also it would be nice to have the smoke rate slowed down a bit; my health is a bit of a mess with several neurological, endocrine, autoimmune, things happening and it doesn't take much locomotive and building chimney smoke to be too much moving stuff on the screen.

And in other news, did download the free 0-6-0 earlier today, then cruised the payware, Fallen Flag locomotives in particular.

Chessie, Rock, Seaboard Air Line, Southern, Western Maryland, Milwaukee, ITC, ICG, WP, SN, y'all have some appealing paint jobs!

And even though large modern power isn't really my big interest that fictional WM SD70ACe in the circus livery looks grand!

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