Any good Camelback cabs?

I got some camelback locos off of the DLS (4-4-0 Reading) and JR (0-6-0, also Reading). One doesn’t even have a cab and the other uses the standard Bigsteam Interior cab, which is ok but it’s just kind of weird to look and at all the open space and have a place to see out the back. I use TS12 but anything before that will do just fine.
The only camelback cab that I know of is the payware one form K&L trainz. As a major Camelback fanboy, I highly recommend the model.
Wait, they made a cab for the camelback? I always assumed they just used a Bigsteam for it, but I guess not! When I have the money, I’ll buy it.
Hmm, you might be right and it uses a bigsteam cab. I will have to check again once my trainz is up and running. ( currently installing a bunch of content)