Which version to get??


New member
A bit confused, with all the choices. I am coming back to Trainz after many years away. Like, TRS2006 or TRS2007 days.

Now it seems there are many choices. I don't want one of the subscription types I was offered, would prefer to just buy outright.

Not sure how far I will go with this, I will be just about re-learning the whole thing, but don't want a too outdated version, in case I do stay with it (I plan to, just being realistic.

Suggestions, anyone?


Jim F
If you don't want to be too out-dated, then it's either T:ane, or TRS19. Either will have a good learning curve and obviously Tane is a lot cheaper, in many ways I prefer Tane as it shows the score during the game, TRS19 does not. TRS19 has better graphics which is probably it's only advantage IMHO.
TRS19 Platinum would have to be the first choice. It comes as a complete install which can be added to at any time if you wish. It has a lot of newer features which the standard version has not got. You can add a membership for one month if you wish to see what else is on offer and then cancel it to return to the basic install. A lot of new content may not be available in other versions as the build versions are not backward compatible due to new ways of creation.
It will depend on what you are interested in and your budget to a degree. TANE is available at a good price and it is very serviceable. If you want the latest then 2019. There are a lot of options here. Platinum gives you the biggest selection of content without a subscription. You could get the basic 2019 and upgrade it later on I think. There are regional versions of 2019 if you only want to model a specific area, such as North America, but their available content will be limited and I don't think they are upgradeable.
I would agree that you will get the best value with TRS2019Platinum. You may pay a little bit less with other versions, but you will get a lot less in terms of routes and assets. I think the price point for Platinum is the way to go.