Where to go next with Model Railroadz?


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I know that I've just posted this in the 'General Trainz' section, but I'd figure I'll go ahead and post a copy here too. What do I mean by the title? I mean going outside and making garden railroadz and 1/8th scale live steamerz. However, there is one significant problem that works against these: 'Human-sized' buildings. For example, in the Garden Railroadz area, G scale is about 1:24th scale, meaning that everything 'Human-sized' will have to be 24 times the size of the trains. An eight foot door would be about 144 feet high in G scale (8x24) With both of these, this also means any exterior furniture, decks, railings, and such. However, the Live Steamerz would result in a whole new series of tacks for the trains, new locomotives and cars to be made, since the people ride on the trains instead of in them, buildings for the trains, etc. etc. etc.
What does the Trainz community think about this?
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Please don't start more threads about the same topic, else you end up with two half discussions.

I was having a hard time deciding whether to post it here or in 'General Trainz', as it doesn't exactly fit the 'Prototype Talk' requirements, but after thinking about it, I think that this would be a better place.
Oh, and Dragon's mini trainz, I thought that they had disappeared.