Changing Scales?

I have created a model layout room and model railroad layout in one scale (IE S-scale). In order to reuse the room elements (1:1 walls, furniture, fasciae, etc.) I have saved the file as a new name and have stripped all of the elements (except a few stray plants). I then edited the route and gave it a new scale (IE G-scale). I then exited the route and re-entered. When I inserted a structure I expected it to be larger based on the new scale. But, instead it looks the same as in S-scale. Is this because I still have some other elements that were originally inserted in at S-scale?

I want to save the room as a template file that I can use to design multiple scaled layouts over time. Am I going about this the wrong way? I am thinking I just need to make sure every element located at the original scale are gone. Thoughts / input / direction? Thanks
belive the scale thing is just the distance traveled on tracks, the size of stuff stays the same no matter what scale you choose
Scale is fake and is only used for display on the rulers.

Everything is 1:1 scale whether it's model railroad or a full out model of a real railroad.

If we had actual scale-sized assets to go along with the scaled rulers, we could have some amazing model railroads.
Hmmmm, but when I layout the room using the rulers, say 20’x40’ the models look relative to the bench work respective of their scale. I understood that by selecting the scale the element would insert into the 1:1 world relative to their respective scale. It should be a factor of the ratio right? 1/87; 1:48, etc.
I have some things created on a scale (which I call big scale). This scale results from multiplying the 1:1 measurements by 1.5 when creating a model. It would be approx. 0 scale.
For example, a standard gauge on my scale would more or less be 1000mm or 3ft gauge. :wave:

Regards, Javier
Scale is mostly the relationship of the furniture to the layout. There is HO size furniture and others on the DLS, but the layout is always full sized, as mentioned. So look for S scale furniture, tables, chairs, coffee cups, and whatever else you can find to complete your room. Ditto for other scales.
I think I get it now. I found another thread relative to this topic. It is funny though how there is furniture and other stuff that insert into the drawing at a much different scale than the railroad elements. I assumed the real world door, chair elements stayed 1:1, but everything else was relative to the selected scale. I understand the ruler thing now. I need to do some comparison measurements to wrap my head around this.
I was hoping to create one base then just change the scale. I guess I have to recreate the room each time if I use different scales I order to get the relative look.
Euromodeller has uploaded some pre-made rooms in various patterns if they might be any help to you. Here are some rooms and other items:
<kuid:166065:102588> EMM MR Room Overhead Pelmet Thin Flexible Spline, Black, No Shadow
<kuid:166065:105724> EMM MR Room Baseboard Edge or Pelmet, Flexible, Light Grey, no shadows
<kuid:166065:100148> EMM Model Railway Barebones Room #4 TANE SP3
<kuid:166065:100276> EMM Model Railway Barebones Room #5 TANE
<kuid:166065:100068> EMM Model Railway Barebones Room #1 TANE SP3
<kuid:166065:100071> EMM Model Railway Barebones Room #2 TANE SP3
<kuid:166065:100097> EMM Model Railway Barebones Room #3 TANE SP3
<kuid:166065:106614> EMM MR Room Basement Conversion 1 Dark Theme
<kuid:166065:106608> EMM MR Room Basement Conversion 1 Light Theme
<kuid:166065:106602> EMM MR Room Garage Conversion 1
<kuid:166065:102587> EMM MR Room Overhead Pelmet Thick Spline, Black, no shadows
<kuid2:166065:102583:1> EMM MR Room Stairs Carpeted
<kuid:166065:106041> EMM MR Room Stairs Wood, no shadows.
<kuid:166065:108889> EMM MR Model Railway Room Black Carpet Floor Spline
Thanks to everyone. I have been using Euromodellers stuff. That is what confused me. It stays the same size regardless of what scale you enter. I assumed it was all 1:1 and the rest of the modeling content was reduced to scale when imported.