Where did my grass go??


Get over it
I wanted to plant some TurfFX grass on a route and noticed that two types were in red. Couldn't use them. They are:661281:65029:15 and 661281:65025:17. They both use Grass 4 TFXR, 661281:96392:2. Grass 4 TFXR is Built-in, Payware with no errors or warnings. Dreading what I thought I would find I checked my other routes in which I had panted TURfFX and sure enough all my routes are are now without TURFFX. My question: how do I get Grass 4 TFXR to be useable? Is there a work around. I had spent weeks planting grass on all my routes and now it's gone, very discouraging. Tony, can you fix this?
You say they are red, but no errors or warnings? What do they say in CM? Could something have happened to their dependency, <kuid2:661281:96392:2> Grass 4 TFXR? Check that in CM as well.
Forester1 - Grass 4 TFXR has no dependencies, no errors or warnings. I have no idea what my next option is.
Sorry, I did not read your OP as well as I should have. Are 661281:65029:15 and 661281:65025:17 giving errors or warnings? Surely if there is something turning them red it would say something?
It's back !!!! Did a extended data base repair among other things and it seems to have fixed the asset. Whatever, I'm a happy trainzer. Thanks for listening Forester 1.