What on earth just happened! Passengers on stations all of sudden in modern garb!


I am using Trainz 19 so I can use the Settle and Carlisle route with some modifications and I like the ambience of the period. I purposefully did not run this in T 22 because all the passengers there wear modern clothing etc which is out of line with the period.

When I opened my route this morning, without changing anything at all, I saw all the passengers on T 19 all in the modern garb! Just automatically, out of the blue. What happened? Surely they can't allow this to happen when you have been working on a route and want to keep the ambience of the 1950s.

Is there anything I can do to reverse this?

Many thanks
This is easily resolved. The quote below is from Zec:


However, if you do wish to make the <kuid:-25:1355> Prod Passengers 2012 (legacy, 1950s attire) passenger set appear as the default passenger set in your entire Trainz installation, you can use the following steps to obsolete the new <kuid:-25:1487> Prod Passengers 2020 commodity with the legacy passenger asset:

1) Install <kuid:-25:1355> from the DLS
2) Edit the config (right click -> edit -> Edit Config File Text)
3) Copy and paste the following at the bottom of the config file:

0 <kuid:-25:1487>

4)Submit the asset.

This should then obsolete the new default passenger asset with the '1950s' style passenger asset on all stations and rolling stock that use the default passenger asset.

To revert this change, simply either delete the obsolete-table entry, or delete and re-download the legacy passenger asset.

NOTE: If the asset is marked as packaged (ie if you have Potteries Loop Line installed), then you will also need to convert the .texture files using a tool such as images2tga from PEV.

We do have a task in our system to look into options for making the passengers set by region, or similar, however I don't have any timeframe for when any changes may come along for this.'

Note: If you just want the old passengers for Settle and Carlisle and the new ones for other routes, just Install <kuid:-25:1355> and adjust its config.txt as above to suit your needs.

Hope this helps.

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This is way to complicated for more casual users (like me) who has not yet getting a grip of KUIDs and whatever.
Do these changes follow the route? Or are they only for the local installation?

The guy who came up with that idea (it MUST have been a guy!) really had a bad day :-( .... those cat walk passenger was the main reason I quit TRS 2022 and went back to TRS 2019.
Now, yesterday I did some driving for the first time in ages. I decided to take a passenger train on a lengthy journey from one end of my route to a station located out in the boonies and back. The drive went quite well considering all things Trainz can do to annoy us, but what was interesting is some stations had the old passengers and others had the new passengers. On the way back from that far away station, the same stations that had old passengers now had the new passengers while others were still the same.

I thought it odd considering everything was supposed to be the new passengers.
I know a lot of passenger stations end up on the seedy side of town, but it used to be rare to find ladies of the evening on the platforms. :hehe:
I have TRS19 and overnight it happened to me...even having a UK region in play. New 'modern' passengers just magically appeared.
I know a lot of passenger stations end up on the seedy side of town, but it used to be rare to find ladies of the evening on the platforms. :hehe:

Back in the day there was Lamp Post Linda. She's available for download on the DLS.

<kuid:67261:35037> Lamp post linda

Given her fine attire, she fits right in today but was quite controversial back in the early Trainz days!
Thank you very much for the replies. Thankfully, I was simply able to delete the Prod Passengers 2020 asset and so the Prod Pass. 1950s attire was restored. Agree with respect to the look of the "modern" passengers. Makes you wonder whether you are at a train station or some other establishment. Many thanks
Oh thank God.

That edit procedure should be spelled out in the description box for the 50s attire passengers. Or better still yet another version issued with that obsolete-table already in it.

Everything else aside (most of which I agree with) the style of the pax is just jarring.

Here's a game with a very stylized rendition of a world and BOOM realistic(ish) people standing about. OOF.
Passengers changing clothes?

They knew the train was going to be late so they went shopping in town instead of sitting around the depot.
This happened to me in my 1899 route, this is just SO typical of nv3, its so typical that it is of no surprise whatsoever, the lack of foresight they have is just astounding . They are almost as bad as Apple In the way they treat their customers, but then it's hard to equal the level of arrogance that Apple have attained in the last year or two. Still they come close on occasions, why on earth would you do something as stupid as nv3 have in this case, unless you deliberately wanted to cheese off a portion of your user base?