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Most of my assets have been incorrectly repaired or tampered with in the name of the DLS clean up process seems there is no quality control in the process.

Most interesting is neither of twolisted orginal routes I have on my computer show any of the errors that were reported as a fault and these routes are not listed in the emails sent by N3V either.

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I have spoken with our admin, and these two routes were definitely in the DLS cleanup, and were repaired/uploaded through the DLS cleanup system. You should have received an email informing you that the assets needed repairing, and that if this was not done within 8 weeks then they would be added to the public listing.

A check of the original assets here shows that they are indeed faulty, at least in SP1, due to a missing 'html' file that is being referenced by the config.txt file. The full error report is as follows:

Error: The tag 'info-page' in 'map' points to a nonexistent file: 'readme.htm'.

If you wish to, you can upload a new update that fixes this. If the routes have been incorrectly repaired through the DLS cleanup, then you can also upload an update to fix this as well.