Well, now what do I do?


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Okay, I read Shaneturners tutorial, and couldn't make sense out of it due to my denseness. Then somebody mentioned build number 61388, so I started Trainz 12, and there was a link right there which I assumed would take me to the place where I could upgrade my build to 61388. But it didn't. It sent me to a special area of the forums where all I saw were announcements of maintenance. So where do I get the upgrade to build 61388. Also, could it be that this version is put out by a company called "Just Trainz" be a factor? Also I'm running it on Windows 7. Another possible problem? Really getting discouraged here. Cactushead.
Before you update, you might want to back up your User Data File somewhere safe. Updating has been known to cause many a broken asset for the database thats reached largesse. Its safer to just back the thing up on your desktop or somewhere else thats safe.

Cactushead, the
...<snippage>... special area of the forums where all I saw were announcements of maintenance ...<more snippage>...
is exactly where you need to go to find the link from which to download the upgrade. Its in the third announcement in the announcements forum, viz. http://forums.auran.com/trainz/showthread.php?107192-TS12-SP1-Hotfix-4-patch-is-now-available. Near the bottom of the post are a half dozen links. Choose the one which has as the first number, the number of the build you see when you start up your installation of TS12.