Weird intrusion from N3V into TS12


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i like to run programmed operations where I have a number of trains running at once and I watch them run. My latest idea was a four lane mainline NYC style with seven trains running. Four express lane passenger trains, one local passenger train and two freights. Everything ran smoothly until a very strange thing happened. My long freight stopped on the mainline and a message popped up from (I think) N3V extolling the joy of running Trainz using DCC! I had to move the train under DCC. A web site also popped up for N3V!

Although I restarted my operation, the freight STILL slows down at that location on the layout! I tried changing track marks, signals and relaying track but the freight still slows down from 40 MPH to about 12 Mph then comes back up to speed slowly. I tried different engines, but the slowdown still happens.

Guys, what have you done?
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Hi John,

I've never seen that message or had a pop-up like that, or a least I don't recall seeing any.

There are a couple of things, at least I'm aware of, that will cause AI to slow down like that. First if they cross over a track mark, they will slow down then pick up speed again. One of the N3V guys mentioned why that happens, but I can't remember right now. If the AI runs slow at a particular place, I'd check the junctions ahead to ensure they are all set for the main line and not an adjacent track or siding. The AI looks really far ahead and can see the junctions reversed and will slow down way in advance. I may suggest putting in some in between signals too as well they help prevent this from happening.
OK stage two...

remember that I said that the slowdown happened even after I had removed the signals, track marks and replaced the track with new sections. About the only thing I could think of was that there was a hidden command in the layout at that spot. I duplicated the layout and changed the route. I put a mountain in that area then laid new track that went around the mountain bypassing the original route. No slowdown. So there is SOMETHING that was left on the layout after that strange pop up , damned if I can see it, even using wire grid view. Anybody want to dig in a mountain?

Note to N3V: Please do not use pop ups on layouts.
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Note to N3V: Please do not use pop ups on layouts.

I'm pretty sure that we have nothing (directly) to do with this. I'm not really sure what you're seeing, so my best guess is that you're triggering some kind of help mechanism (although I can't think what) or that it's completely a third-party thing.


Hi Chris,

I did more work today, because these things really fascinate me! I took a less aggressive approach and instead of making a new path, I just shifted the track in the area leaving the track junctions. Train slows down in that area to about 12 mph (same train as I used in the rerouting, which worked fine) then slowly speeds back up to 40 mph, which is the speed limit I set.

Using Mini Map I did find a marking on the track that was a small white square, so I figured that perhaps this was the culprit. I tried to identify what the mark meant, but haven't been able to do that. I broke the track on each side of the mark, then deleted the section, then added a new section of track to fill the section. I was able to get rid of the marking, but the train still slowed down at that spot when I ran the test.( I placed a flagman to help me see where the problem happened) I then substituted all the track with a different type, unfortunately the slowdown still took place.

All the signals and track markers are working properly and the train is running under a green light. So far I can only operate properly with the rerouted version which I ran the track over bascule bridges over and back from the river.

As for the mysterious pop-up I'm wondering if it was an "Easter Egg" hidden in TS 12 that I activated by running a batch of pre-programmed trains. Tis a puzzlement, but I'll work on it tomorrow.
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The trestle might be an idea, who knows perhaps it might even kill the problem! Going back over everything, I remember that I had started the layout using TRS 2009, then CDP'd it and moved it to TS 12, where I completed it. That could be the cause of the hidden glitch. I think I may just have to bite the bullet and rebuild the layout in TS 12 from scratch. If that pop-up does come back up. I'll try to get a screen shot of it.

Thanks folks, I'll let you know how it goes.
OK, new route in TS 12 running good. The test freight train did slow down as it went through a through station (4 tracks) but that was proper operation. Once past the station it came right back to the speed limit of 45 mph. I'll be making a bypass for my freight runs. I guess
moving a route from TS 2009 or TS 2010 to TS 12 can give problems with the AI operation. Just to clarify, there was no station in the problem route. The train was acting like a station existed although nothing was there.
Maybe it is the Ghost of TS2009 Past, John. Just beat the Dickens out of it and it'll go away.

Happy New Year!

Now that you mentioned it John, I too have had things get a bit weird when importing older sessions into a newer version. In addition to sessions, I've had sections of routes give me really poor frame rates and no matter what I did, by removing content, would not fix the problem. In the end I ended up rebuilding that section, which of course turned out to be better than the 7 year-old original. :)


I literally laughed out loud at your Dickens pun! Funny thing is, I'm just re- reading Great Expectations, Dickens is a favorite of mine and still is good reading. By the way the new route is working beautifully now, since I started from scratch. One idea I had was to use Jetstreamsky's "drivable" signal box at the four track station. I dropped the invisible track just a bit so the window was just above the platform height. I can then pan the view to watch the comings and goings of the trains, it is a good effect. Thanks John , I think we have finally figured this baby out. The forum is a great place to swap information! Happy New Year folks!