Web searches not working for the forums


''Trainz Veteran''
Every time I click on a forum link it gives me an error, I assume because now it's a different system. Will this be fixed eventually or do I have to use different methods to search up threads through my search engine?
If you are talking links from Google, etc web searches, they are broken because the URL changed for the forums. They will eventually get updated when the web crawler goes through the sites. Not sure how long will it take to get the old links removed. I'm not sure if they can do a redirect for all the forum posts, to make all the old web searches, work.

Searching within the forum does work.
Does it? I used to be able to do a very straightforward search for all new posts since my last visit, or the last week, or the last month etc. etc. Where is this functionality now, I can't find it? Apologies for my frustration!

Right now I’m on my phone, but clicking the three bars at the top left gives a way the forum in different ways and to search the forums. If you click search forum, it brings up a more advanced search where you can search between dates.