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It is always raining when I run my routes. I can't seem to stop it. I wouldn't mind so much except that the rain sound is louder than my engine sound, which I find odd. If I increase the volume it still overides the engine sound. How can I set it up so the weather stays clear for awhile? I try setting the dial in the center but that doesn't seem to do any good.


Try download "Weather control v2" by Smilyman


Ps Theres is a default "Weather rule" installed.(Kuid3:10089)
In surveyour, point the arrow at the top of the screen, click the icon in the middle, and look in the list.
in driver there will be small icon, in the top left corner that makes you able to controll the weather.
Thanks guys. This gives me something to try. I will let you know how it goes.:)


I guess I don't understand the content manager. I entered all the info for weather control v2 but nothing came up to d/l. Couldn't have been typed wrong because I copied and pasted.
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