Water effect level again

Good news! I've got the water back again. One slight problem: at present, I haven't rediscovered how to change the water level, but at least I can see water again in places.
To avoid any further confusion are we talking about the old Legacy Water (from TRS12 and earlier) or the Water Effect Layer (from TRS19, TRS22, Trainz Plus)?

For the legacy water the water is painted and raised/lowered using the terrain tools. There is a set of water control buttons.

For the Water Effect Layer you set the Surveyor 2.0 brush tool to the Effect name in the Brush Target drop down box, then use the Height Up/Height Down/Set Height/Grade actions from the 2nd drop down box with the settings in the Tool Options Palette. See How_to_Use_S20_Tools#Water_Effect_Layer
Thanks. Effect Layer it is. I thought it was as you say, but my initial attempt put the water under ground, so I thought I'd better check. I have to have somewhat sloping rivers, although I find it easier to mark different levels with waterfalls, but this time, I want to use several water layers with different appearances - calm, agitated and rushing - I think there are enough presets.
Amazing how, after so many false tries, my route somehow reset itself and gave me the proper effects window. This is a strange game these days! I used to know what I was doing!
My whole game seems to have changed. Before, I had to save almost every minute in case there was a crash and so many things were either slow or didn't work properly, Now, everything is back to normal. I did have a Mac update yesterday, so that's the only explanation I can think of. Anyway, I'm not complaining: I'm playing Trainz again, which for me means creating routes.
Good Point! Sometimes, with this game, I seriously suspect astrological or demonical interference.
I usually watch for alien visitors as well. LGM like to invade computers and do things to them especially if they're running TRS22 and on long weekends.