Wadalbavale to karrah Bay Maps Screwed up


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Hi Guys

I been riding a train on the Wadalbavale to Kurrah Bay maps and i found a track not right ways and stations building still moving on the tracks, please fix it.
I'm not sure what "moving on the tracks" means, unless the edge of the station is sitting on the track.
And where is the track not right?
In any case, it's a built-in layout that came with the game, so there's nothing on the DLS to be fixed.
Since it's on your hard drive, you can do whatever you want with it. Move the stations, change the tracks around, replace the industries with pre-designated industries like container ports and coal mines. I've added a few extra tracks to the yard at Wadalbavale in various gauges, and I'm currently using it to sort through the rolling stock I've downloaded to make lists of assets in various gauges (and some superfluous stock to be deleted).
When you've fixed it up the way you like it, show us some screen shots of what you did. We can always use good ideas in our projects.

:cool: Claude
Hi Superbossgc,

The following screenshots should help to explain what you are trying to point out.

These are in 2006:-



Two views of Hayley River.


Lamley Station.

These come from the "Built in" Wadalbavale to Karah bay route.

I'm afraid the only way to fix this, is to go into surveyorand reconect the lines at Hayley river and to move the station at lamley, then reconect the track, then save.

If there are any sessions associated with this layout, they will have to be done again on the new map.

Here is the same locale's in 2004:-



Cheer's for now,

Ah yes now I see - the "Wadalbavale Line" route was meant to replace the "Wadalbavale to Karrah Bay" route, which in turn was meant to be removed. I'd suggest using the Wadalbavale Line route instead.

BTW, I don't quite understand your grammar, but I'm the 'stupids' who made those routes.
Hi Natvander,

Actually I rather enjoy both versions of Wadalbavale. I'm glad they are both there.


ohhhh duh!!!
i mainly use wadvable line so i really have nothing to worry about until i need the route. now i see your problem!!