VR N class beta


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New loco coming SOON.


Max speed for 4 wheelers.


Working hard lifting a 615t train up a 1 in 50 grade.


Top of the rise.


End of journey.
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Drool ..Drool ..Dribble .. Dribble ..Drool.........Very nice WORK! Bill n Tony! cant wait for this as dreddman slaps his face n brings himself to reality :D
11 out of 10:p
When we travelled behind R711 when it was owned by West Cost Railway, the crew left the engine sitting in the yard un-attened so we could climb up in the cab. (the erge was strong to drive it:D)

Bill, the N is looking fantastic in your screens. Hope it will be in our screens soon too.
cheers, Daniel
I confess, not a steam freak myself, but I truly can appreciate a mighty fine looking model and THIS is a mighty fine looking model :) The attention to detail and level of said detail is truly outstanding. Kudo's to her creator, as she is a magnificient creation and you're to be commended :)
A line up of both my locos and Bill's locos.
Left to Right they are - K100, N453 (Bill's), J527 (Bill's), Pendennis Castle, Z526, E371, S302 (Bill's).


VR N now on the DLS

This loco is now available on the DJS.

Pommie, how do you get such good resolution on your screenies? If I try to show the E cars that small I get a lot of Moire interference.

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yay. E-X-C-E-L-A-N-T!!!!!!! You'd better be proud of yourself because i defiantly couldn't create something as good.

cheers, Daniel