Victrainz site down


New member
Hi Guy's,

I've been trying too get thru too the Victrainz site for a number of days.

Does anyone from Victrainz have any info.

All I get is:-


There seems to be a problem with the MySQL server, sorry for the inconvenience.

We should be back shortly.
The site has been moved to a new server, and it seems that the old PHP doesn't want to work on the new server. Atleast thats what I can tell.
has the whole site been moved? What brought this on? why was there no mention of it on the victrainz site? Lots of questions I know. I thought there had been a server crash.

what future plans are there?
I'll point Peter S here. However, by server I mean ISP for the site. This means the whole site has moved. All pages except the 'php' pages (the area) are working, or atleast should be. The reason why it was moved, was because the ISP the site was with was closing up shop, so Peter has had to change the site's ISP.
I'm pretty sure Peter is doing his best to get the site back up and running :)