Desiderata For Ver. 8


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Should I ever get around to it:
  • Remove the horn triggers on the Goldencow driveway
  • Extend baseboards and scenic them at each hanging portal
  • Add baseboards on the west side as needed to conceal the end of the world
  • Correct 25 mph warning EB approach to Jones to 30 warning
  • Replace missing 25 mph advance sign EB for South Byron
  • Replace missing WB whistle post W of Horicon St, Mayville
  • New baseboard in Mayville, west side, replace existing dorfpano which lights up at night
  • Add baseboard on E side of Brownsville
With all the work week sessions updated for T:ANE it was time to start enhancing the route.

All the small stuff listed has been completed. In addition:

  • Crossing overhaul: nearly all the single-unit crossings cause vertical jerking of the passing train vehicles. Nearly all have been replaced with composite crossings and in many cases the roadways have been replaced with either AASHTO or YARN roads for a much better appearance and no bounce.
  • Crossing overhaul: the Atilabarut crossings have been removed and replaced with TRC control. Crossings now save with the session.
  • Whistle Posts: nearly all whistle posts have been moved out to 15 seconds distance from the crossing at the posted speed. Chili46's scripted whistle sequence posts have replaced the single-toot earlier versions at nearly all crossings and it sounds much more like there are railroads on the route. (Running unmodified sessions on :8 now generate a red bug due to the missing atilacrossings. No impact on operation.)
  • All hornz triggers have been removed
  • Terraforming of two new boards at the Horicon exit is 85% complete.
  • Rock Train and Sunday Excursion have been updated to work with :8; both used hornz triggers for some functions.

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