Fond Du Lac Route ver. 7 Uploaded


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FDL Fond Du Lac Branch version 7 has been uploaded and will be available "soon."

NOTICE TO SESSION BUILDERS: The Brownsville Main St. crossing has been shifted 1-2 feet west and lowered several inches. That straightens the line through the crossing. If any of your sessions have consists starting between the platform or the derail and the west switch you should check to make sure they are on the track.


  1. The signals at South Fond du Lac now indicate correctly at the CNW junction and the Intermodal junction.
  2. After reviewing Wisconsin Statute 192.29 (for real!), the whistle posts for most farm and industrial crossings have been removed. Cattle guards have been installed on the ungated openings in the right-of-way fence where appropriate. It is not necessary to whistle those crossings unless a hazard is seen.
  3. The east whistle posts at Breckenridge St. in Mayville have been reinstalled and many others relocated to provide a 15-second warning. All separate bridge whistle posts have been relocated at 1/4 mile from the bridge.
  4. An engineering study resulted in removal of the 25-mph freight restriction at Jones. All trains now have a 30-mph restriction. This will not impact passenger schedules, does not affect safety and reduces aggravation.

Many detail improvements include changing masses of trees from billboard to Speed, rebuilding the Iron Ridge junkyard road intersection, reconstructing St. Paul's Cathedral with pieces from Salisbury Cathedral (the tower now looks more like the real thing and the church looks distinctly Anglican, though it is still not correct), replacing the Bavarian chapel Downtown with a business building (there was a storefront church there at one time but I haven't found an appropriate sign on the DLS), installing Griswold lights at the Morris St. crossing and lights in place of signs at Neda. And a bunch of niggledy OCD cosmetics.