Using Triggers


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I might be asking the impossible here, BUT can anybody explain how to use Triggers in a way that an old fella like me can understand? I've seen them on tracks often enough, but can'y figure out how to use them. Cheers eveyone. OldBarney
They are used to activate rules that you can set up in surveyor. Setting up some simple rules activated by triggers is not very difficult; however, they can get fairly complicated depending on what you want to do. The sessions and rules guide can help you along with using rules.
One of the easiest trigger operations is telling another train to go. Place the trigger on a track and give it a name from the properties button. Now go to edit session and make sure the wait for trigger icon is ticked in the commands set up. In driver set up place the wait for trigger command in one of the drivers between some other instructions. You will get a window to select the trigger you named plus you will get another window asking which train. select all will mean that any train that crosses the trigger will allow this driver to carry out his next instructions. If you name a train to cross the trigger then he will wait until only that train crosses it then carry on.
Thanks for your help, Fellas. Things are a mite clearer in my head. Will give the info a try. Cheers. OldBarney