Using JR Multi Industry to setup an intermodal yard?


Norfolk & Western Lives
Hi, I am trying to set up an intermodal yard with JR's Multi Industry and I can't seem to get it right, I am trying to unload '53ft Containers (Loaded)' and load '53ft Containers (Empty)' and load & unload 53ft Trailers. I think I have set it up right but it doesn't unload the trailers or load anything.
Change the time. You have it set to start load/offload at 960 sec. = 16 min. and 1 min between each operation.

It could be because that when starting, everything is already full so there is no need for the MI to take on more containers. Also, a nifty trick to combat the consistent fullness of the MI, is to set it up to consume Loaded 53ft containers and produce Empty 53' containers. I'm assuming that is the approach you want to take am I right? I believe it is in the tracks tab where you set up how many units are already existent at the starting point.
Have you setup the tracks tab to load and unload and make sure the queue is set?
I also think there is a problem with the MI when using load and unload. I had problems where I would take an empty car in and it would load but immediately unload the car.