upgrade from TS12 to TS22


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I’m not sure if this is the right thread to post this but I just bought a new PC and wanted to upgraduu from TS12 to TS22 and I was wondering how compatible that the two are as far as transferring data over?

Could someone shed some light on the different options I have or if TS22 worth upgrading or if it’s a completely different engine?

Thank you I’m advanced it been while and I want to get back into trainzing.
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TS12 uses the CPU far more than TS22 does. So the GPU on your new machine is important. Basically anything that runs in TS12 should work in TS22. However once you've imported I'd recommend you download the latest updates to the assets from the DLS. In general TS22 has different lighting but the asset requirements have been tightened up so you should get better frame rates. Some TS12 assets on the DLS have been packaged by N3V so they no longer load into TS12 unless you split out the texture files first.

Have fun

Cheerio John
Thanks John I’ll consider that I’m not sure what the GPU is on my new HP but I think I customized good enough to run trainz hopefully. But I was also looking into TRS19 Platinum Edition too because I really just want to route build and edit

As John Whelan says, most stuff works fine. The issue you will have will be Speed Trees if you used third-party ones such as Pofig's trees. If you did use something such as Pofig's trees, you need to replace them first on your route(s) in TS12 prior to importing the routes into TRS19 or TRS22. This is due to the changes in the Pofig engine and they offer no upgrade path for older versions.
Thank you guys I have some time so I’ll do more research but I might be leaning towards TS19 because I like some of the content alittle better.