UP Tucamari Sub


I need some help building a prototypical route through the new mexican desert i have the track 90% layed and most signals placed no roads or textures yet i just didnt wanna do this big route solo total its about 140 miles end to end just figured someone or peoples would like to help maybe do the roads or towns or whatever it takes to make this route possible for trainz..btw im using trainz 12 hotfix 4. pm me if you maybe wanna help or for pointers or whatever.
I never done this on my own before especially with this route of a 147 miles just need help with towns n textures n ill b good
You can add thumbnail when you are in surveyor mode its in the options list i think on edit route there it says somewhere create thumbnail.
I'm not interested in working on the route, but I am familiar with the area. It's not really desert as you think like that in Arizona. This area is dry, but is tall dry grass, bushes, small cactus - mostly prickly pair type, wildflowers and creosote.

The soil is very light colored as it is high in limestone, however, there are some areas with red sandstone as well. It is also not a flat area. There are some rolling, hills and even some mesas and buttes around. I have an amazing picture of a super cell coming over the top of a butte just east of Tucumcari.

The roads are mostly dirt except for the main roads and a couple of side roads. My suggestion is you take a look at Google Earth or even Microsoft Bing Maps to get a good idea what you are getting into.

I was out that way in May 2013 while severe storm chasing. We drove out of Amarillo, TX and followed the old Rock Island mainline. You can still see some old track while in other places piles of ties and in others just the bridges. It's as though things were left in place and are slowly being ripped apart. I wish this line was still in operation, but sadly parts have become rail trails which means that will never happen.

Hopefully i can get a team going on this project its worth it. I got one person now just need someone to do texturing and the towns n building
once I finish with roads, some textures, signals, and grade crossings I'll hand it back to you for someone else to add to. Here's my progress in Tularosa

I've been working in other places too just not as much
General update: redownloading the signals and other deps to make the route complete. Redoing some parts (will be better).