UP Auto Run


Canadian National
Well we are just about into the warmer days of the season...So today was a nice day to head to the rails to do a lil RR fanning
Our first quick stop was at the yard where we seen some CN power on the service tracks getting serviced and awaiting there next assignment

We then heard off in the distance a sound of another train...We grabbed out gear and headed down the rails some and set up for this run by shot

We then raced him to the other end of the yard to get him again but we then heard on the scanner that they had some ELS cars to pick up at the end of the yard to be delivered to the ELS yard down the line

After the pick up...He took off down the line....We then took off as well and we got to the interchange area where we set up and waited for his arrival...Few minutes later he pulls down the other track and slows to uncouple from the cars

Here we see him pushing the ELS cars back to the ELS yard to make the drop off

Cuts away from the cars

And couples back to his train and takes off

We then stuck around and waited for the ELS to come get its cars from the yard
To our surprise we see the ELS switcher come trundling down there rickety ol rails

At the yard now the ELS couples to there boxcars and heads back to there main yard

After that we then headed back to town where we got some lunch and headed home for the day