Unresponsive Synaptic V1.7 Mousepad


From what I posted on the HP fourms:

Hello all...I'm the new guy.

Anyway, I have had a busted screen for a couple months now and I finally was able to hook my HP ENVY m6-1125DX to my TV and my mouse pad isn't working. I cannot see my cursor nor will clicking randomly being something up. I managed to get Control Panel open using the arrow and enter keys (thank god for windows 8) and that didn't solve my problem. When I had an external monitor and had this issue my father was able to fix it but I wasn't in the room and he doesn't remember what he did. Any ideas?


Does anyone here have any ideas? It's now more urgent than before because I am getting already from Norton nonstop due to threats to my computer because Computer Guild couldn't don't their jobs.

Do you have an external mouse that you could hook up to it?
I looked up the keyboard for your laptop, often times people (including myself) accidentally hit a predetermined function key which toggles the pointing device, but I couldn't find it on yours, so I was wondering if you could get into the driver software with a mouse...