UK Light Railway Track


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I am planning to build a sim of the Easingwold Railway, a 2 mile light railway which left the East Coast Main Line at Alne station and ended at Easingwold. As far as I know it was laid with flat bottomed track spiked to wooden sleepers except for the terminus which used bullhead track. Does anyone who has built a UK light railway have a suggestion for a realistic type of track ? I think the line used (like the North Eastern Railway) coal ash ballast so if the track had dark ballast that would be a bonus. Edit* it was UK Standard Gauge, 4' 8.5".
Thanks in advance !
You could try this track lewisner. It's a modification of Pencil's 60lb flat bottomed track I put together for my own light railways.

Thanks , I will give that a try. My initial idea was that I could "do the whole thing in a day" but I think it will be more like a week ! This is a view looking east along the line from Alne station with 8 x 1km baseboards laid out. I've used median of the line as the centre and a baseboard either side,

Easingwold Railway Stage 1 8.7.22 by A1 Northeastern, on Flickr