turntable woes

seeing that we are talking about Turntables.....
does anybody know the name/kuid of a rule that allows you to move the loco like is was in DC mode.
it makes it easy to move the loco onto the table slowly.
Hi Stagecoach,

can you use Move turntable command , on any turntable.?

I like and use the standard Auran Turntable.
The command works on all turntables. It combines the work table and driver command into one asset.
Add a 5mph speed sign when entering the turntable and an increased one when leaving. Can be visible or invisible signs.
Check the driver messages for any errors such as unable to plot route or something else. It could also be the commands are broken in the current version due to script changes.
just been playing around with tcdrive and setdcthrottle and remembering a couple of things that you need to do...heheh

you need to put a trackmark on the end of the table, so that you can tell the loco to drive to then you move the table and then drive to again and this should work. will try it later on.
how do I make a track mark stay at a radius that i want.
it just keeps going back to default 20mtrs.

Figured out how to do this....just click on the small green square next to the TM. and move your mouse in or out to the radius you want.
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