Tunnels and Object Rotation


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I'm using Trainz 2 Mac and I would like to know how to do the following.

1. Use the JR tunnel tracks to make tunnels. I don't know how to lay the track in a mountain without having mountain in the tunnel. The only way I know to do this is by leveling the spline and putting a hole in the mountain.

2. Rotate objects on a tilt to angle them
You need to use what is called a dighole or dig hole asset. A dig hole will punch through the mesh so that the ground doesn't fill in the tunnel. These are available on the DLS. User Andi06 made some along with other users as well.

- What you do is put the dig hole where you want the tunnel to enter into the hillside and put one where you want the tunnel to exit.
- Lay your tunnel track normally, ensuring that the track height is correct for inside the tunnel, and put the entrance to the tunnel right up into the hole in the side of the hill.
-You now need to cover the opening with a tunnel entrance or portal.

There are various users that made them in various styles. JR has some that look good and will probably work with what you want.

It may take some fiddling around to line things up, but with some practice, these can work well.