TS2019 Content Recovery help needed

I downloaded a patch for TS2019 but then lost access to the program because my Apple OS version (iMac) was not current (and I cannot increase due to computer age). To correct, I reloaded the program thinking it would just affect the main program, not my routes and content manager stuff. I have regained use of the program, but all of my created routes, downloaded content, quick picks, etc. is now gone. I now assume the reload over wrote everything. I did not make route back files (lesson learned), but it still would not help recover all the other content I downloaded from DLS, etc.

I do have a portable backup drive and I was thinking I could find the content files from the date before my error and just copy / replace. However, I am not sure where these files are found in the Apple filing system. I think they are in “users/library/containers/……”, but where is that? Can anybody provide input so that I can find my files? Is there a procedure I should follow to make this work? And, will this approach work? Thanks in advance for any help.
Later versions of Trainz 19 added Metal and Apple Silicon optimizations, however dropped allowing earlier versions of the Mac OS. Sounds like you got caught up with that. By default, Trainz installs everything on the internal drive, in a hidden directory. The hidden directory is because all Mac OS programs have at least some data in this hidden directory.

Open up Trains, click on Trainz settings, click on Install tab. You will then see the local data folder. Click on that field that shows your local data directory. Select all of it and copy. Open up a finder window, at the top click on Go. Near the bottom of that menu, click on Go to folder. Paste in your local data directory. Click on the data folder. You will see "build" and some random letters. Those are your saved files. Click on the latest one, that is prior to the reinstall of Trainz. At the top of the finder menu, copy the entire path. Go back in to trainz, trainz settings, install, and paste in the local user directory. Shutdown trainz, and reopen up Trainz. Trainz should not ask for graphics settings. If it doesn't go in to Trainz settings, and make sure your user name and password are filled out. Close settings, and check to see if your content is back.
Thanks. I think I follow what you are saying. After posting I did some Mac research and learned about the hidden library files where the container files are kept. Hopefully, with your input I can figure this out.
I followed your directions and understand what should happen, but in finder I could not see where the “entire path” is showing. Thinking I could just jot down the builder file number then enter it back into the local user directory correcting what is there, I used that approach. I
But when I check out and came back into the program it will not hold the new path, and defaults back to what was there. I even checked the builder file I selected and it looks like it might be the right one because in the Edit folder I can see a bunch of file names that I downloaded via the DLS.

Not sure what to do now.
If the new local data folder is close to the old, click on the button on the right side of the path field. Then browse around and select the old local data folder.
SUCCESS! I finally figured out how to copy the path from finder. I thought I could just manually correct the path in the local address. Now everything is back. Very appreciative for your help.