TS12 content from desktop to laptop (how to?)


DoubleYouPea & Espee fan!

I dropped a few dollars into this already powerful new laptop. Asus ROG G751JM, to be specific. Upgraded the RAM on it, 24 GB now, and changed to new Intel 530 series SSD. Then, I installed TS12, without adding any new content, let it do the update and download DLCs for now. On my desktop, I have the same version. What I want to do now, is move a copy of all my desktop's content to the laptop. Which two folders is it? I thought it was two folders... I just wanted to clarify this, and maybe have this added as a sticky, for others to follow when they swap content to a laptop.

Thanks in advance!

hi Paul,

if you want to keep your userdata same and copy/move to the new or other computer look for folder userdata.
sometimes easy just copy userdata because it holds all the personal ts12 folders you added including backup and most important the local folder.
i think this should do it at least it is the way i do it my userdata is some 128 GB.
good luck