Trying to help my train-loving father play: Mojave route and American controls?


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Hi, I don't know much about trains or Trainz Simulator 12 and do not play this game however I helped my father set it up and troubleshoot it. He's had it for about a year or so and played Trainz 2009 before and enjoyed it. The problem is this: he said on the previous game when driving the train on US routes he had American controls and now the controls are European and this is harder for him. He really wants to finish the Mojave route but gets slowed down every time right at the beginning because the controls (I think they're on the lower right side of the screen) are the European ones. I admit my ignorance on this subject. But what I can help him with is downloading and installing custom content if it exists to change the controls to ones he is more familiar with so he can drive to his heart's content. I have tried many combinations of searches here and elsewhere but because I don't know exactly what the correct terms are I am coming up short. Or maybe it doesn't exist and this is the only way to play. But if anyone knows of any custom content that can modify the in-cab switches so they look "American" and not "European" and can point me to it, we would greatly appreciate it.
Is he in cab mode? I don't really understand what you mean by American and European controls, that lower left control box is a simplified representation of all the basic cab controls. If it is a dial change it to cab mode, the dial is DCC mode, similar to a model railroad throttle. Maybe you mean it is saying speeds and such in km/h?
Ok, I think simply put is he can't see how to put it in DCC mode while running this particular simulation route. He wants to switch from CAB to DCC, that would give him the experience he wants. He really just wants a dial instead of levers.
Normally In Driver, top bar 4th icon from the left, looks like a book and is entitled User Rules Menu, click Quick Drive, click DCC Mode and click the tick bottom right.

Edit: However just had a look at that route in which case it's been locked out by the routes creator. That makes things a lot more complicated.

Go to Edit Session which opens the session in surveyor >Second icon from the left Edit Session Rules > Start up options > Edit > Current Control method, click it and change to DCC, click the tick, Main menu > Save, you will need to change the name slightly, suggest add clone or DCC to the end. Need to do this for each session.

Then run the cloned sessions.
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