Trying to edit Auran's Carlisle Skipton Route for an Animated Series


Autistic Railfan
About a year ago I bought the Settle and Carlisle route pack for Trainz 12 and now I want to try and edit one of the routes so I can make a series on YouTube. The only problem is that I can't seem to get Trainz 12 to allow me to save my sessions. As a result I tried to go into the content manager at clone the route so I could edit it. I soon found out that I was not able to get the cloned version to commit. I really want to make this series but it is starting to piss me off that you can't edit any of the default routes without having major problems. Is there any way to allow Trainz 12 to save an edited version of the Carlisle Skipton Route so I can make this series?
Three words: Digital Rights Management.

Sorry, bud. Don't think it's gonna happen in TS12.

I know that. I not physically editing the route, it's just that when I try to save the session under several different names it tells me that I can't save the session because I've somehow edited the route. All I did was move some the trains around and edited the properties of the locomotives and cars. Keep in mind that this is a new session that I've been making from scratch.
Check the Layers tab to make sure you're working in the Session layer and not the Route layer. :)

If you make/edit a session, then drive it, then exit and get taken back to Surveyor, you'll be in the Route layer by default and you'll need to select the Sessions layer before making any alterations - this has tricked me numerous times as it is easy to forget.

Friends, it seems to me that there may be some nuances to DRM that have been overlooked. If I relied on most of what I read about DRM in the forums, I'd have to believe that it caused cancer, was responsible for global warming, and just maybe, the extinction of the dodo bird. On the other hand in one the related forums there has recently been an uproar (OK, maybe that's to grand a word for it; maybe it's more a tempest in a teacup) about infringement of rights of other creators. But I think there may be a middle ground, here.

First, as I understand US intellectual property law, a series of videos, whether on Youtube, or any similar service, using someone else's route as a basis is a derivative work, and needs the permission of the entity that controls the intellectual property. And more may be needed than just the permission of the route creator. The route (or session) may include assets by creatirs than the route creator, and some of the creators of those assets may not want their models shown in a video.

So here's my suggestion. First, work up a serious prospectus on the series of videos you want to make. The route and session to be used; the general assets to be used, the number of videos to be produced, a short written sketch of each video, including the parts of the route, the session, and other assets to be featured (locomotives, rolling stock, &c.), and the general story line. Detail any changes that would need to be made to the route or session, for example,

For this episode, it will be necessary to replace the shunter assigned to X station with an older model diesel; I propose to use this diesel instead.

Now start sending your prospectus to those who control the Intellectual property. The list of people to whom you may need to send this list may or may not include N3V. They may not control the Digital rights to some of the products where they manage those rights, so start with the actual people who control the Intellectual property rights. And if you are successful negotiating the right to make the video, you may be able to get the owners of the IP right to provide you with a version of the route (or session) under a clean KUID number

In my experience, most of the content creators in Trainz are reasonable people who would be more than willing to work with someone who had special requirements.