TRS2022 Weirdness in TRS2019.


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I recently purchased a Trainz Plus subscription. Today when I did some updates for my older TRS2019 via Steam I ended up with an upgrade to TRS2019 Platinum and 3 TRS2022 routes - Belorek-South Ural, Bairnsdale to Orbost, and Liskeard to Looe. These routes are missing a lot of unknown assets, are faulty, and don't work correctly in TRS2019 although they are fine in Trainz Plus. Because they are Packaged I don't see any way to delete them and I don't know what I can do to get the TRS2019 install back to normal. These updates came in via the Content Store on Steam. Any ideas how to fix this?
The TRS22 routes cannot be installed into a TRS19 build. So uninstall those and everything should be fixed.

You also cannot share local data folders between different builds, so worst case, create a fresh local data folder and redownload just the TRS19 items.

Or abandon TRS19 and just use the Trainz Plus build which has all the latest features.
That is precisely the problem. I cannot uninstall the 2022 routes in the surveyor view because there is no delete button. Can't do it in Content Manager either. Maybe I could uninstall some of the updates in the Content Store, but I cannot ascertain from their titles ( eg simc:1044 or simc:651) what is what. I tried uninstalling one or two updates at random and that just messes with dependencies on a number of other routes. I suspect the best thing to do is to download my favorite TRS19 routes into Trainz Plus and carry on after uninstalling TRS19. This must be some sort of glitch in Steam but the 2022 routes are showing up in TRS2019 Platinum for sure.
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I have reinstalled the routes I want to keep from TRS2019 into Trainz Plus and have uninstalled TRS2019 and deleted its local folder. Going forward I'll use Trainz Plus and keep TANE as a legacy install for assets I know are dodgy in more recent versions of Trainz. No need to keep TRS2019 as I can drive and build in Trainz Plus.