Question About Trainz Plus

Isn`t what @rwk asked, @JCitron. The new assets that he gets with Plus: He wants to know if any of them will still work when the subscription expires. I would think that most of them would still work, but the announcements by N3V that I`ve read strongly suggest that they will all stop working. I think that the truth may well be somewhere in between.
That part is no it won't. It's simple they are part of the subscription. I missed that part of the post due to an interruption! (Dealing with an elder parent is tough sometimes!) The DLC he purchased will remain his, and the DLC that he downloaded with PLUS will remain suspended until he resubscribes again.
Ok, for some reason I was able to download Plus and the Amtrak set yet I never bought a subscription, just 22 PE for $70 late last year.
Are you sure? If you still have it, you could check your confirmation e-mail. I find myself wondering what would happen if you tried to install the Amtrak package into your existing non-Plus installation without installing Plus first. Not suggesting; just wondering.
Well, I'm not going to complain. I somehow had access to download Plus installer and when I tried loading it I was able to enter my user ID and I was able to download stuff, the Amtrak set, and go into the program and load a route. Yet I never bought a subscription as far as I'm aware. I only remember buying Trainz 22 PE late last year for $70.
If I build a route in Plus and for some reason it is a limited trial, and it expires and I don't want to subscribe, I can't move the route to 22 PE and continue working on it in 22 PE? If I tried it now would 22 PE reject it and not load it correctly? Are the build numbers different?
I may be mistaken, but I believe that your own content will survive. I also understand that Trainz Plus will "magically" become Trainz22PE when the subscription expires. If your route uses assets that are specific to Plus, they should show as "missing assets" until you resubscribe. I do not know about the build numbers, but my best guess based on what I have read is that since the Plus add-ons are all in Packages, the build numbers would be the same. I suppose though that it is possible that you end up with a build of Trainz22PE that was never released as Trainz22PE. Unlikely, but I can`t rule it out.
TRS Plus is not backward compatible with TRS22 PE. TRS Plus will not revert to TRS22 PE as it is separate from other TRS installs and is linked to subscriptions only. Sometime ago TRS was split into two separate programs, one for general use and the other for subscription.
Oh? I guess I must have misunderstood, then, but that`s what I thought one of the N3V reps had said in one of the old sticky threads I`ve read. I`ll have to keep my eyes "peeled" for that information as I spelunk around here.

@rwk, I`m sorry, but I tried to give you the best information I (thought I) had.
Hi All
Just to confirm. TrainzPlus is a separate release/version of Trainz to TRS22/TRS22 PE. As such if you install a TrainzPlus version, and your subscription ends (or you have received it through one of the 'get TrainzPlus' offers with a TRS22 PE purchase, and have it installed after the offer expires), that version will become inactive. To use TRS22, you would need to install the TRS22 version. Some very early TrainzPlus versions were the same build/version as TRS19, however this caused other issues and as such they are now separate.

In regards to DLC packs accessed through the TrainzPlus subscriptions, these would become inactive if you cancel your subscription (or at the end of your TrainzPlus access). If you want to keep using the DLC pack, you would need to purchase it separately (if available for separate purchase). Of course if you have a gold subscription, it's probably worth doing this before the subscription ends so you can use your included discount :)