trs2019 plus and trs2022 Can any one help me


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I have purchased Trainz 2019 Plus recently, but as I start the program it invites me to download an update, which would take my current build number from 114800 to 115628.
When I start the update in the (beta stream) the green loading bar gets about a quarter of its way along, then stops loading, and the following message appears on the screen:-
Failed to download instillation data
Result: - 12,Path: 'C:/Program Files/N3V Games/patch.bin'.URL: '

Also I have purchased TRS22 and tried to download this onto my hard drive, the same thing happened with a similar message on the screen as follows:-
Failed to download instillation data
Results -12.Path: 'C:/Program Files/NV3 Games/patch.bin'.URL:''

Could you please help me with this problem, I have been trying t resolve this problem myself for a while now, without success.
My laptop pc is on windows11, and I have a Terabyte of hard drive with only about a quarter occupied, so plenty of space remaining.
Please Help
If you purchased TRS22 and are going to install the beta you don't want to update TRS19. Going to 115628 will change your '19 install into '22 beta. (Actually, I think it forces a separate install, mine did, but things are changing so quickly we can't be sure of anything anymore.) Change your update stream so it's not beta.

As for the errors... how much free space have you on the disk your trying to install on?

Did you obtain the TRS22 installer from your myTrainz web account?
Don't forget the install goes to the C drive on installing. If you have asked to install on another drive the data will still go to the C drive while the main program installs where you ask it to.
I have the "download issue" everytime but I solved it just giving a tap on the "back" button and again the install comand; it always works (don't know why)