TRS19 SP5 Official Release


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The latest update for TRS19 is now available on the TRS19 and TRS19 Platinum Edition patch streams.

Patches available for 114800 and 114841, plus 116313 (beta) and 116015 (beta).

Note that Trainz Plus / TRS22 builds 116492 and 116493 already have these fixes included.

Find out more information here:

There is a temporary fix for people who run Trainz in languages other than English here:

Please note that this temporary fix needs to be reverted (by you manually) prior to patching your build in any future update.
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Thank you, Tony. I assume the update doesn't roll out right away? I'm currently waiting for it to show up on steam.
No dundun92 - the patches are live. I've updated which builds are involved. Most likely you'll either need to patch on a beta stream or there is not patch depending on which build you're on.
Maybe its just Steam. My build (114863) is scheduled for an upgrade:

[EDIT] It appears that for the steam version, Steam has to verify it first, which may take several hours.
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Awesome! I'll install it tomorrow when I have more time and when more users have verified it works fine with no major issues.
Thanks Tony & team.
Installed Ok.
Noted that the flashing yellow Content Store button still not fixed.
Also 12 items still showing as update available but are all payware for Trainz 3.

Otherwise ... great job.
In spanish version the names of the menus still like a previous beta versions:


Is it a bug?
Yes it's a bug/ Well, it's an incomplete translation and you're the first person that has raised this issue. It's a shame you didn't mention this during the beta as we could have fixed the problem.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll see what we can do to update it or if there is a workaround.
I saw this messages in previously beta versions, but I understood that it was a change because it started Trainz in beta mode.
Something like the error messages when the game started in beta mode and this message in the final versions was hidden.
I didn't understood like a bug in beta versions. I'm sorry
Quick, smooth update - all my settings preferences retained.
Runs really well. Excellent FPS on both gaming laptop and desktop.
Thank you!
Polish translation also have this issue. And some stuff in game like filter search in surveyor, few keyboard options etc. also haven't translation.
Assets (the "CV" scenery rocks) that were installed from the DLS in the previous beta version are now labelled as "Unknown Location"

<kuid:942118:721> CV Ground 05
<kuid:942118:713> CV Flat 01
<kuid:942118:714> CV Flat 02
<kuid:942118:717> CV Ground 01
<kuid:942118:718> CV Ground 02
<kuid:942118:719> CV Ground 03

Also Unknown Location is

<kuid:-25:1354> Prod Passengers 2020
.. well, well, well .. i did an update yesterday "already" : 24 feb 12:36 (pm) = trs19 beta 116453 to trs19 sp5 116678 ..
.. after the update and the auto-dbr i "finished" my latest diorama .. before exporting as cdp into trs22, i transported the consists (used for the photoshoot) from route layer into session layer, as advised in several threads .. everything went ok ..

i have to say that loading time of routes and/or sessions needed more time than before .. also the driving gives more stutter ..
i did several manual dbr's and a "prebuild" with TrainzUtil ..
maybe i have to upgrade my hardware after such a software boost : Win10 pro 21H2 x64 - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz - 16 GB RAM - nvidia geforce gtx1600ti - ssd 2 TB ..
video settings high and ultra, as advised in some fora ..

.. nevertheless i have fun with building colorful worlds and proud to show my new inspirations .. cu somewhere ..
thankz a lot

ps :
- the same issues as pware
- <kuid2:30671:92203001:127> by llj is suddenly disappeared (unknown asset) from several routes, like a fresh one (1 week) of myself ..
- <kuid2:88211:100008:18> Bairnsdale to Orbost Line C1970-80s (payware) has several missings (suddenly) .. (no update in cs) ..

.. <kuid2:30671:92203001:127> by llj has to be version 3, and that is a trs19 built-in : pallet beer .. that's why i missed it ..
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Question, when will SP5 come to us Steam users?
So far nothing.

Update SP5 has arrived on Steam.

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Update was fast, the base game works, what I tested

What I don't understand:
-why this release is called Official?
-why it shows as Platinum for a Plus user? (its just a pic I know)
-why translations can be wrong for a product that exists over 3 years?
-why plain obvious interface issues do not get repaired/improved?
driverlist, sliders, my collection topmenu, #trainzchat, store, scripted minimap
-why (this is personal) I still think build 100240 is the best Trainz ever.
-why PhysX gets turned off by most us, cause it degrades performance
and I see no work being done to solve that.
-why people have to use alternative Directx functions to improve framerates

I love progress, I know you people work hard and respect the work done.
Please give me one hour 1 on 1 on discord, with the lead interface designer
and I promess it will improve the product for all of us.
your PITA but Trainz lover for ever GM
I have a problem with Patch 5 for TRS19 platinum.
It wasn't able to install at first, but after a couple tries I got it working, now the launcher won't stay open, it keeps showing database repair and then it closes.
I have 12 assets that are listed as having updates available but when I drill down into them their latest versions (by the kuid build numbers) are all listed as "Unknown location".

<kuid2:523:19721244:4> icon stop
<kuid2:523:19721245:4> icon warning
<kuid2:401543:1171:3> Disable/Enable Industry
<kuid2:276266:100043:6> Fence Barbed Wire
<kuid2:401543:1169:8> Message Popup Library
<kuid2:401543:1161:6> Navigation Display
<kuid2:401543:2030:4> Ranked Session Library
<kuid2:401543:1166:17> Cinematic Camera
<kuid2:401543:2031:2> Ranked Session Begin
<kuid2:401543:2032:3> Ranked Session Complete
<kuid2:661281:96030:10> Grass 5 Lib
<kuid2:661281:96678:6> Flowers 2

All but one (Fence Barbed Wire) have Auran as their author.