Trouble with Surveyor and Driving mode


Trainz 2009 works fine, but sometimes when I go in Surveyor mode, the screen will freeze or say Trainz has stopped working. Sometimes when I use drive mode it will freeze and the screen will turn blue with those white letters/numbers and restart.
The blue screen is a serious issue.

What are your system specifications, and does the blue screen happen with any other programs?

How full is your disc ?

Using a CPU heat program measure your temp.

Have your PC cleaned by a professional, and tell him to remove all CPU, and video card chip thermal heat sink compound, and apply only "Arctic Silver" thermal heat sink compound ($15 does @ 3 PC's)
I would check your system for heat problems. Driver and Surveyor really push the system, and if there are problems with these components things will go bad pretty quickly. Driver is even more intense on the system components, and will cause them to heat up substantially. This can cause a blue screen so I recommend checking the temperature inside your system case and the components. You can use a thermometer; the IR kind on a wand which cost around $30 at Harbor Freight are great for this. If it is a thermal issue, I first recommend cleaning the case, fans, and vents. The fuzz, dirt, and dust bunnies can cause the system to overheat and crash. If the cleaning still doesn't do it, then there are other problems with the system which may require a professional to look at. This could be anything from reapplying thermal compound to the CPU, or perhaps replacing faulty memory, which you maybe able to do if you want to give a try.