Trouble with DLC


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I am such a noob, so please don't scold me saying "YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS U NEWB" Anyway, I am trying to download the Blue Comet Installer for TRS2010. I have some problems. I don't know where to put the serial number, because even after copy+pasting it, Trainz says it's invalid. Also, the publisher of Blue Comet installer can't be identified, and even when I try to open it, I can't find a way to open it with Content Manager. I am not too worried, because Sim Central is having it now for 4.95. Still, any help please? Thanks!
This happened to me too. First, go onto MyTrainz, and find where you put the serial number (I'm not quite sure where it is) and paste the serial there. After that, go on the launcher, click "Options" paste the serial in the box, and click enter.
It should be in the game. Hope this helps.

P.S. You may want to register your Trainz version along with the DLC.
The Blue Comet installer will either be a .exe or .rar file. As for the serial issue, it is case sensitive and you may also need to be running at least build 44088 in order to install and use said content.

Im Having A hard time to log into Content Manager even though I put my username and password in the launcher Can someone help me

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