Something is wrong with the Southern Pacific P-10


So basically, I found the SP P-10 off the DLS and decided to download it. However, both the tender and loco show up as faulty. I tried to fix the tender problem in another thread, but that didn't work for me. The loco is faulty because "attachment point 'a.generator' referenced by tag 'attachment' in smoke2' was not found." Is there even a way to fix this problem? If there is, someone help me out here please.

P.S. I am using TRS19 BTW
It is probably much easier to fix if you don`t want the smoke than if you do, but tools exist to make that possible, too. I even know where to find them. I just don`t know how to use them yet. Where is your tender-repair thread? I`d like a look-see there, if I may.
It is clear what the error is, perhaps due to the author's forgetfulness, the mesh is not there or cannot be found:
- <kuid2:648132:101093:1> : VE18: Attachment point 'a.generator' referenced by tag 'attachment' in 'smoke2' was not found.

The easiest way to fix it is to remove all of the following from config.tex:
  attachment                            "a.generator"
  mode                                  "speed"
  color                                 255,255,255,100
  start                                 0
  rate                                  10
  velocity                              1
  lifetime                              0.55
  minsize                               0.1
  maxsize                               0.4
  accel                                 0.2,0.2,0.5
  texture                               <kuid:103021:1972770>
In the locomotive mesh there is no connection point called: "a.generator", only the author knows where to place it exactly, the most normal thing is a forgetfulness or a copy and paste of the config.tex of another locomotive that did have the "a.generator". That is why my solution is easier, I have already tried it and the error disappears.
Of course, which is why I said that eliminating the smoke is easier than fixing the smoke, but if the original poster /wants/ the smoke, adding the attachment point is the only way to go.
These are by Trainboi1 and he is still active at TrainsForge. Maybe he could be persuaded to fix these? The tenders are also missing and for the tender body.
EDIT: Actually, I was able to fix the tenders with some file copying and renaming.
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I think that @screecher would probably like the details, @Forester1. The first post in this thread speaks of trying to get the tender fixed in another thread, but I cannot locate the thread that he supposedly started for that, nor did I see anything that looked like he had hijacked a thread for the purpose, so this is the best thread I can find in which to post the details.
Tenders fix:
The tenders need and in the tender_body folder. At the root folder there is and There are also the files airhose.tga and airhose.texture.txt. I copied all four files into the tender_body folder, renamed the .im files to and, but left the names of the other two files alone. (If you change the name of the other two files it will throw an error, because for those two it actually is looking for "airhose.tga" and "airhose.texture.txt".) Submit edits. Worked like a champ.
Deleting the smoke2 container would disable all smoke effects, which have a greater sequence number (smoke3 ...). The sequence numbers of smoke effect must be consecutive, starting at smoke0. Sometimes renumbering the smoke effects, which follow the deleted one, could fix this problem. If some smoke effects are modified by a script, the script must be changed after renumbering the effects.

I have added the attachment point a.generator to the file loco_body\sp using the program IM Editor.
- position: X=-0.29, Y=3.63, Z=5.02
- rotation: RX=30°, RY=0°, RZ=0°

The fix is the same for both versions of the P-10.
<kuid2:648132:101091:1> Southern Pacific Class P-10 4-6-2 - As Built
<kuid2:648132:101093:1> SP Class P-10 4-6-2 - San Joaquin Daylight