Do the TS12 SP1 Auran DLCs work in Pre-SP1 TS12?

This is a very straightforward question. Do the DLCs like the PRR T1 and Blue Comet work in Pre-SP1 TS12? I’m asking because I recently tried SP1, didn’t like it, and went back to Pre-SP1 TS12, but the whole reason I updated was so I could have those DLCs. But since SP1 ran like trash and CM was messed up, I wanted to know if I could get them to work in Pre-SP1 TS12.
Is this SP1 from Steam or from Auran? If memory serves, TS12 SP1 from Auran was a debilitating update and required an immediate hotfix to make TS 12 useable again. A total of 4 hotfixes were released. If you are using the Auran builds, why not go forward to SP1 Hotfix 4 instead of backwards? If you are using the Steam SP1 (build 61297) I believe that's the latest release.
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They work just fine. You have to copy the *.ja files to the built-in folder and add the serial numbers to the Launcher and do a DBR. Of course, TS12 is long out of support and others have reported issues with having the serial numbers not being recognized as valid as that system went out of use when SP1 added the automatic install function. In other words, you're on your own.
TS12 SP1 Hotfix 4 ran terrible for me, turning the game into a slideshow. I got my copy off of Amazon, for $2.50 because 2009 became a performance hog. I’m asking because for some reason, pre-SP1 TS12 runs awesome for me. As for the DLCs, I could’ve sworn I saw a video of the Blue Comet working in 2010.
Much of the early DLC came out between TS2009 and TS10 so it is natural that it works. But as I said before the automatic install of TS12 SP1, you downloaded the installer from the MyTrainz page after you bought it and it would install the .ja file or files to the built-in folder and force a DBR. But before the DLC would show in the game you had to register the serial number on MyTrainz and then enter the serial in the launcher's General tab area for adding the product key. TS12 would then verify that it was valid and allow the content to be used. As I said I have seen that others have had trouble getting their serial numbers to show as valid in pre-TS12 SP1 versions of Trainz and I suspect that system no longer works. I installed TS10 last year and I couldn't get any DLC to work via the procedure I described above.

If you purchase the DLC from the Trainz Store then your downloads should include the installers on this page.

If they don't then you must contact the helpdesk.
Trainz TS2010 Demo of Blue Comet DLC 720p

I just downloaded the installer and installed it in TS10. It asked for the serial number during the install so a nice clean procedure.